Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain/Palin: Barney Hisses 'Republicans Winces, But WE HAVE OUR GIGI!"

Wince? Wince, Barney?

Get this. Barney Franks who was instrumental in over-catering the mortgage give away affair that collapsed American Credit is hissing mad about John McCain's Leadership and wants none of it!

Here's the Scoop, Dears! Barney whispered to The Crypt's deliciously available Ryan Grim ( dear me - The Crypt? Grim?)

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said that "nobody mentioned McCain" during the several-hour-long meeting on the $700 billion market rescue plan, other than Frank and that his Republican colleagues "winced" when he did.

"He’s been irrelevant to the process. He remains to be," said Frank. "I was afraid that his dropping in here, like Andy Kaufman’s Mighty Mouse—'here I am to save the day'—I thought that would slow things down. I didn’t see any sign of our Republican colleagues paying any attention to him whatsoever."

Franks went on. "Nobody mentioned him. The man’s irrelevant to the whole process. No Republican mentioned his name. I’m the only one who raised his name. They winced when I did," he said.

"I don’t think anyone takes that seriously," said Frank of McCain's suggestion that Friday's debate be delayed. "Sen. McCain trying to use the necessity for his presence to reach a deal that we’ve already reached as a reason to duck the debate is unworthy of him. There is absolutely no reason not to go to the debate."

Frank was equally cool about today's meeting with the White House. "The White House isn’t show and tell. We’re going to the White House because the president asked us to go. Nobody thinks at this point that anything useful’s going to happen. But we now have to get things drafted and worked on. The White House meeting is just an interruption in our schedule," he said.

Though he said McCain's presence would be unhelpful, he did say, getting a dig in at McCain's running mate, that there "were times when I was ready to suggest that, when we got to some of the more complicated issues about how do you price these sophisticated instruments, that we ask him to make Sarah Palin available to give us her expertise."

They winced - positively winced! Which originally, Dears, meant 'to dodge!' Adorable!

Barney Franks and many more than one member of his Committee will be dodging 'more' than a few inquiries with regard to the collapse of American Banking and the near collapse of the American Economy. Barney Franks sounds like a marble salesman with a mouthful of samples to begin with and his answers to the American People had better be more than hissing at John McCain's Leadership.

Pretty slipshod and quick work on the legislation there, Barney. It had better pass McCain's muster.

Main Entry: wince
Pronunciation: \ˈwin(t)s\
Function: intransitive verb
Inflected Form(s): winced; winc·ing
Etymology: Middle English wynsen to kick out, start, from Anglo-French *wincer, *guincer to shift direction, dodge, by-form of guenchir, probably of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German wenken, wankōn to totter — more at wench
Date: circa 1748
: to shrink back involuntarily (as from pain) : flinch
synonyms see recoil
— wince noun

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