Friday, September 05, 2008

McCain/Palin: McCain -A Life of Duty & Service v. Obama - A Narrative Tailor-Made

In Sixty days I will vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin. I have known and met Barack Obama over the last fifteen years. For fourteen of them Barack Obama was an up-and coming local Democratic politician of whom everyone said 'He's going places!'

He's there. Barack Obama and the people he chose over the last two years to build him up, primarily Dave Axelrod, have crafted a narrative built upon the familiar rhetoric of Progressive Democratic Doctrine and Obama has never drifted from that narrative. It worked and he is the Democratic nominee for President and significantly the first black American to be the Democratic nominee. That's it.

I watched as Obama distanced himself from the very people who helped bring him onto the gradus ( the political steps) and to Illinois prominence and embrace the people who wrote his resume - Community Organizer, State Senator and Prophet of Hope and Change. He had other friends of very dubious agenda and intentions ( Ayers, Wright, Rezko & etc. in politics one does meet snakes along with bunny rabbits; a good politician steps over the snakes). Had Obama ascended the political gradus, but that would have taken too long, he might have become the Governor of Illinois. Instead, he chose the Senate. That gave him national cache - kind of like using a Mastercard Gold Card, instead of paying with cash you've earned.

In contrast, John McCain did the work of his country. When I decided McCain was for me he was a pariah, because of his heroic decision to fight with Ted Kennedy fro Immigration Reform - Juan McNasty, Wet-back Juan. Rock-ribbed GOP stalwarts dismissed the Warrior as 'Toast'- 'Stick a Fork in McCain; He's Done!' Immigration Reform was soundly defeated. McCain soldiered on.

Last night, John McCain called America. He called on Americans to fight corruption in government; to right our Economy through tax-cuts and using American genius to free this country from foreign energy dependence; face down Islamic Terrorists and the Kleptocracy of Vlad Putin; to fight the hideous curse of Abortion, to fight for the civil rights issue of this century - School Choice.

Obama wants issues - says he does, but sings lyrics to the Rock Opera of Progressivism. I have not heard one thing that Obama offers to right the economy other than raise taxes. Obama says 'only the rich.' Well, things have a way of getting back to us - like the flimsy rhetoric of Mastercard Gold. Everybody pays. Progressive Doctrine demands that others pay and pay and pay - Demand Programs! Programs are funded by the taxes of carpenters, millwrights, electricians, teachers, cops and nurses. Programs mean that a bureaucracy is born and feeds at the trough of more taxes.

McCain acts. American are doers, inventors, builders, care-givers, fighters and custodians of the weak, the disabled, and should be - of the unborn.

Sixty Days. You have had my vote Senator and those of my son and daughter. That's three and that is a good start in Precinct 23 of 19th Ward in Chicago.

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