Saturday, February 23, 2013

Will International LGBTQ Activists Stonewall a Black Pope?

The Papal Conclave just got really interesting.  Peter Cardinal Turkson of Ghana is a black man.  The  Cardinal from Ghana just might become the first Black Pope since St. Gelasius (492-496).   Might.

The problem now confronting Cardinal Turkson is not in Consistory, the Klan, or with Catholics in general.  The problem leaping out of the closet is Gay Black-lash. While secular Europe, North America and OZ tend to embrace the Gay Rainbow, Asia, Central and South America and Africa, as well as Micronesia are yet, shall we say, less 'evolved' with regard to same sex marriage, same sex love and same sex anything.

Here in the United States, LGBTQ activists have been showered with millions of dollars to culturally and politically rewire the unevolved, via the news media and Hollywood, into a firm understanding that there are proud black men like MSNBC's Toure, who proudly helped abort his own child and equates Stonewall with Selma - Gay Love is a Civil Right, for Which Dr. King Was Martyred.

African Americans, Latinos, and ethnic Catholics can not and will not be allowed to be anything but Gay Complicit . . . compliant is no where near enough.

Just when the American Catholic Church has been all but completely marginalized with the endless drumming of yarns, true, or not, of universal child abuse, along comes a proud African Catholic contender for Chair of St. Peter.

Cardinal Turkson was being interrogated by CNN's Christiane Amanpour with all the skills of a Cougar Pharisee in an attempt to wedge the  Afrique religieux into the proper narrative corner.  The Cardinal did not take the bait:
 The African cardinal widely tipped to be the first black pope in modern history faced a firestorm of criticism last night after he laid the blame for clerical sex abuse crises at the feet of gay priests.
Cardinal Peter Turkson, who comes from Ghana, told an American journalist that similar sex scandals would never convulse churches in Africa because the culture was inimical to homosexuality.‘African traditional systems kind of protect or have protected its population against this tendency,’ he told Christiane Amanpour of CCN. ‘Because in several communities, in several cultures in Africa homosexuality or for that matter any affair between two sexes of the same kind, are not countenanced in our society,’ he continued.‘So that cultural taboo, that tradition has been there,’ said Cardinal Turkson, 64. ‘It has served to keep it out.’ . . . 
‘Cardinal Turkson’s comments show a surprisingly callous disregard for the human rights of millions of people worldwide,’ she told the Times.
Dang, that sure knocks the ruby slippers off of that one!  Hold on now, lets's here from the Civil Rights folks:
 Ruth Hunt, Stonewall director of public affairs, was among those to swiftly condemn his remarks.
"Cardinal Turkson’s comments show a surprisingly callous disregard for the human rights of millions of people worldwide,’ 

However, She did not say that the Cardinal is wrong.

Now, this is a troublesome moment for the Gay Curia.  The Civil Rights Meme Coalition could be split!  How Can We Celebrate a Pope Of Color, Who Is Not Rainbow Happy? What Would Toure Say?

Not even a government's scientific-dogma'd NHS could help:

But one NHS psychiatrist who has researched the field of clerical sex abuse agreed with the cardinal that homosexual abuse of adolescent males rather than paedophile attacks on children characterised the problem. 

‘I would say he is correct,’ said the doctor, who asked not to be named in fear of reprisals - including the loss of his job.‘Where the research has been done – for example in the United States and Australia – in the region of 80 per cent of the victims of sex abuse by priests are adolescent males rather than children.’ ( emphasis my own)
When the sex-abuse scandal took off here in America, the priests and Catholic spokespersons who pointed to this truth were hushed up.  The meme became Homosexuality Does Not a Pedophile Make! No, but a homosexual priest just might tend to find a high school aged Catholic Frank Merriwell just the ticket for long holiday week-end trip to Wisconsin.

If that priest, who wants what the heart wants, has a like-minded and inclined boss, or bosses -so much more the opportunity.

I expect that Cardinal Turkson will undergo the usual LGBTQ bastinado and perhaps an auto-de-fe, like the treatment Francis Cardinal George has been subjected to in Gay Chicago Values Illinois.
Cardinal Turkson will be ridiculed by the usual progressive puritans and be treated as the THE WOG WHO WOULD BE POPE. POPE HERMAN CAIN, I & etc.

Dan " Savage Love" Savage & Neil Steinberg will tell everyone that Copernicus was an evolved  and clouted American priest again.  MSNBC's angrogynous Chris Hayes will share insights with lightweight Eric Zorn on the Koch Brothers' involvements in Africa.  The usual breathless nonsense from the media. OMG,It is obvious SOMEONE has not seen The Book of Mormon!

The Gay Money will be on an Italian Cardinal and we will all be told to just get over it about having a Black Pope.  Ever see any Black in a Rainbow?


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