Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Sad State of the State Stem-Winder:Pat Quinn's Bartlett's Moment- "Hard is not impossible,"

"Hard is not impossible,"  Next, Gov. Quinn gave the old defilbrillator a go and the dummy died.

Charles Alexandre de Calonne (1734-1802), appointed finance minister by Louis XVI in 1783: si cʾest possiblecʾest fait; impossible? cela se fera, if a thing is possible, consider it done; the impossible? that will be done (quoted in J. Michelet Histoire de la Révolution Française (1847) i. ii. 8).

And then there is the Governor of Illinois!  Old Squeazy Himself!  Pat Quinn, ladies and gentlemen, he'll be here for a while and boy is he ever winded after today's State of the State stem-winder!  

Here's some highlights:

“Do we want, in the years to come, a prosperous Illinois where working people continue to have good jobs, where businesses thrive, and where all our children have a world-class education?” Quinn told the House and Senate. “Or do we want to stop the progresss (sic) and watch our economic recovery stall?”

Well????  Waiting for answer, Here! Oh, Rhetorical Question.

Like this dandy, ". . . doing what's hard isn't always what's popular at the moment, but we must remember that hard is not impossible." 

How about these? -"$10 is the new 25 % . . . .I mean $ .25 " - Why should only big industry move to Wisconsin and Indiana?

                    "Squeazy is the new Caterpiller!"                   
                   " LaShawn Ford is the new Dawn Clark Netsch!"
                   " Pensions is the New. . . Catholic Doctrine."
                   "Gay is Black; Marriage is Selma"
                   " I am Dr. King and Dan'l Webster!"

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