Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thank God It's Lent! The Burial of Mrs. Teddy Lent

Mrs. Theodore Lent (1834–25 March 1860) buried just the other day.

Now, I have done some rotten $hit in my life. Deeds that make me shudder with humiliation.  I pray on me knees each morning never forgetting the mean, shabby and thoughtless acts words and deeds and in the hope for grace to avoid any such repetitions.

But like a chubby guy at the beach who pals up with a morbidly obese behemoth, Man I am stripping off my shirt and soaking up the rays!

Folks Meet Lewis B. AKA Theodore "Ted" Lent!!!!
Born in Mexico in 1834, Julia Pastrana suffered from hypertrichosis and gingival hyperplasia, diseases that gave her copious facial hair and a thick-set jaw. These features led to her being called a "bear woman" or "ape woman".
During the mid-1850s, Pastrana met Theodore Lent, a US impresario who toured the singing and dancing Pastrana at freak shows across the United States and Europe before marrying her.
In 1860, Pastrana died in Moscow after giving birth to Lent's son, who inherited his mother's condition. The son died a few days later, and Lent then toured with the mother and son's embalmed remains. After changing hands over the ensuing decades, both bodies ended up at the University of Oslo in Norway.
Finally, the poor woman was laid to rest in her native land 150 years after her sad death 

Odd, with this day being the start of Lent, a dead SOB named Lent should give us all pause in our conduct through this vale of tears.  I usually feel very remorseful, but the saga of Old Ted Lent's misdeeds and malevolence put a spring in my step and song in my heart!

Now, Lewis B. AKA Theodore "Ted " Lent was what being an a$$hole is all about!!

Bring on that Judgement Day, Oh, Lawd!  Ted step over and tell St. Peter about yourself! Yes,Sir its Ash Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!

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