Monday, February 04, 2013

Rev. Jesse Jackson - Homeland Security for Chicago?

" ICU!!!!!! - Next!  I see You; ICU!!!!  . . . Next!"

“A totalitarian state is in effect a theocracy, and its ruling caste, in order to keep its position, has to be thought of as infallible. But since, in practice, no one is infallible, it is frequently necessary to rearrange past events in order to show that this or that mistake was not made, or that this or that imaginary triumph actually happened.” 
― George OrwellCollected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell Volume 2 My Country Right or Left 1940 - 1943

"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security forcethat's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." (emphasis added) Barack Obama 2008

Chicago, IL (Friday, February 1, 2013) — Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. and
Rainbow PUSH Coalition call for immediate Federal Intervention and Homeland
Security in Chicago as January homicide totals exceeded 45. This morning, in Chicago,
a woman’s van was riddled with bullets as she was executed on a major highway. Two
days ago, a 15-year-old Dr. Martin Luther King College Prep honor student, who had
recently performed as a majorette at the President’s inaugural ceremony, was killed
after trying to seek shelter from the rain less than a mile away from the President’s
home. Another student was shot but survived. The gunman is still at large. Days before
these tragedies, seven people were killed, 6 from gunshots, all in one day; most of
their murders have been unsolved. Reverend Jesse Jackson reaffirms that gun control reform is critical and the ban on assault weapons paramount. The REV.

With Junior set to attend Federal 'college,'  the 7th Ward up for grabs and unhappy fact that Rev. Al Sharpton is more cuddly to MSNBC, Rev. Jesse Jackson is thinking outside of the box again.
The same crowd of deep thinkers and civil libertarians who have destroyed any and all public support for Chicago Police officers will love this idea!  They also loved Rahm's gift to the Gang-banger pensioners of CeaseFire and Calypso Louis' March of the Bow-Tied Brothers all over Gresham and the Englewood.  Murders spiked, but that's Okay.

Now, the REV. doesn't draw an un-calculated breath on-camera or within range of audio reception and it makes perfect sense that he had cleared his latest "Stop the Madness" gambit following a call to Slum Dog Billionaire Real Estate Mogul and Presidential Ramrod Valerie Jarrett and the lads at the Obama Aeterna Stipendium eodemque Consule Vita  headquarters.

Imagine, DHS security forces in thick competition, not with Chicago Police Department professionals, but the Millions Dollar Ceasefire  Quartet ( Gary Slotkin, Tio Hardiman, Wesley Skogan and Dan'l Webster) and perhaps the contracted players of Rainbow Putsch Coalition's Community For State Security.

Anyway, the good REV tossed that trial balloon out there.

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