Thursday, February 14, 2013

State Senator Bill Cunningham Voted Yes on Gay Marriage

My State Senator, William Cunningham, entered the Illinois Legislature as a replacement for Illinois State Representative Kevin Joyce who represented the voters of the our district with courage, integrity and profound commitment to fighting abortion, the American Holocaust.  Our Senator retired and William Cunningham moved into that position.

Kevin Joyce was a rarity, an elected official who actually listened to voters, but voted his convictions.  More so, Kevin Joyce was very upfront and honest about legislation that he would support, or oppose.  No one knows what position William Cunningham holds on anything. My State Senator voted with the herd.

Mr. Cunningham voted for the Religious Freedom and Gay Marriage Bill, which overwhelmingly passed the Senate -34-21-2 .
I am a Catholic.  I believe that this legislation is political theater of the absurd.  It is power politics playing at social justice.  I guess Mr. Cunningham disagrees with the Catholic Church and saw nothing wrong the civil union aftermath. William Cunningham voted for Gay Marriage.

State of Illinois
98th General Assembly
Senate Vote
Senate Bill No. 10
Feb 14, 2013
 . . . Y Cunningham Y Koehler Y Muñoz Y Trotter
Y Delgado Y Kotowski N Murphy P Van Pelt
N Dillard N LaHood Y Noland Y Mr. President
N Duffy Y Landek N Oberweis . . .

I wrote several notes to Mr. Cunningham expressing my concerns that Gay Marriage Illinois would become a political weapon against my Church, as the Religious Freedom and Civil Unions law proved to be just that -immediately upon Gov. Pat Quinn's signing that bill into law Catholic Charities was bullied out of decades of care for families wanting to adopt children.

Mr. Cunningham, to my knowledge, has never stated his position on Gay Marriage publicly or privately.  In fact, my notes to him were merely acknowledged by his secretary without comment, or an attached position of this important legislation.

Mr.Cunningham has made a career in public service, rather he has had political jobs. I will not vote for or support Mr. Cunningham, or any of his political allies.  He has a right to his vote and I still have a right to my own.

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