Sunday, February 17, 2013

Andy Shaw's BGA Bullshit Boulevard:Chuck E Cheese Deserts Lead to DWB?

BGA Andy Shaw and the his usual cast of numbers-numbing deep thinkers (Fox-32 Dane Placko and University of Chicago professor of race-baiting Craig Futterman) always take a short-cut to Bullshit Boulevard. In this particular case, that would be a stretch of US Route 20 commonly known on the southwest side of Chicago, Evergreen Park & Oak Law as 95th Street.

This week Andy Shaw's BGA/FOX/University of Chicago's Bullshit Boulevard mapped Evergreen Park as ground zero for race-hate while driving.

More than 93,000 minority drivers, mostly blacks, were stopped in Evergreen Park from 2004 to 2011, compared to 41,331 whites during the same period, according to Illinois Department of Transportation data analyzed by FOX 32 News and the BGA.
What’s more, as the total number of traffic stops in Evergreen Park increased over that eight-year span, the number of whites who were pulled over remained flat at about 5,000 a year, while the number of minorities rose sharply to 14,656 in 2011 from 9,600 in 2004, according to IDOT.The data shows some real red flags,” said University of Chicago law professor Craig Futterman, an expert on civil rights and police accountability. “Unlike the rest of Illinois, racial disparity (in stops) is going up in Evergreen Park.”FOX 32 News reported last month that Evergreen Park police were engaging in a controversial and possibly dangerous practice — offering drivers a break on traffic tickets if they helped cops find illegal handguns. The motorists who were interviewed believed they were singled out because of race.

That would and will be compelling to simple folks who like their high dudgeon served up smoking hot and tasty and lawsuit spicy.

The hard question neglected in this latest dodge goes unasked, " Why are there no Chuck E Cheese outlets in under served communities?"

Chuck E Cheese is a handy haven for busy families with legions of young ones who might become a bit uneasy while waiting for mom and pop to make purchases ( Aunt Gert can take the wee bairns in to Chuck E Cheese for fun and fast food, while Mom and Dad get the shopping done) , as well as a festive place for wholesome family fare and fun.  It is the venue for choice for many struggling families seeking a birthday, anniversary, graduation or family reunion .  In these hard economic times, families must be as accountable for budget as our government. Chuck E. Cheese means value. The company mission statement Promise states just that.

Every member of a party – adult and kid; family or group – who enters Chuck E. Cheese’s gets a unique hand stamp that is verified upon their exit to assist in our objective that families who come together leave together.
We clean and sanitize the bathrooms, showroom, gameroom and other areas of the store throughout the day. If you see a table or bathroom that needs attention, let one of our managers know. We’ll get right to it.
We are very choosy about which games are allowed into Chuck E. Cheese’s. Whether it’s a video game or a game that encourages physical activity, like our Skytubes®, we believe all our games should be fun to play and fun to watch.
When it comes to food, our priorities are freshness and high-quality ingredients. Every pizza is made to order, fresh (never frozen), and we use only 100% real mozzarella cheese. Our salad bar is always full of fresh items prepared by hand daily.
We have different games for different ages. But if a grownup wants to have a turn, we promise not to make fun of you. 
 95th Street is a commercial zone linked to traffic exits for 1-57, I-94/90 and Interstate 294.  Running east/west, 95th provides goods and services to a number of communities: auto dealers, medical hugs, pharmacies, eateries, Mega-stores, malls, insurance and two hospitals.  One hospital is a major trauma -center, Christ Advocate, home to treatment serious automobile and gunshot injuries, as well cut and abrasions from a visit to Chuck E Cheese at 95th & Cicero.

Chuck E Cheese is located at Cicero Ave. & 95th St.; in order to go and return from Chuck E. Cheese, as well as patronize the hundreds of other fine commercial venues on this thoroughfare, requires passage through Evergreen Park, Illinois.

Is is possible?  Is it plausible, that many motorists making this east/west 95th street odyssey just might be distracted by the joyful noise of youngsters within the SUV, sedans and coupes en-route to this mecca of wholesome family fun?

I would venture to say, most definitely.  The sober exercise of good-motoring and attention to the traffic signage is an Augean task on a solo trip, but in vehicle packed with happy campers a soul- crushing crucible.

Taking Prof. Craig Futterman's time-line of 2004-2012, I have Googled reports, tales, stories, yarns investigative series related to Chuck E Cheese, Oak Lawn. This poor man's Disney World and Lou Malnati's is the only game in town.  There is a vast Chicagoland Chuck E Cheese Desert!

Chuck E Cheese is not located in Englewood, Robbins, Hazel Crest, Gresham, Deering, Grand Crossing, Canaryvile, Bridgeport, Chatham or South Shore.  There is no Chuck E Cheese in Hegewisch!  It is located in Oak Lawn on 95th Street and it has a flourishing revenue stream seven days a week.

Andy Shaw, Dane Placko and Craig Futterman, ask the hard question - Would more Chuck E Cheese venues in under served communities help us all avoid charges of racial insensitivity, provide more wholesome fun and food close to home and ease the flow of traffic on this busy commercial thoroughfare?

OR, are you more content with driving your BGA clown car along Bullshit Boulevard??

Hmmm? Find that Microphone, Andy!

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