Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"I Got the Pope Right Here; His Name is Paul . . ."Papal Morning Line from Paddy Power

The soldiers therefore, when they had crucified him, took his garments, (and they made four parts, to every soldier a part,) and also his coat. Now the coat was without seam, woven from the top throughout. John 19:23 Douay-Rheims Bible

Like this Horse?  Like This Horse?  I LOVE this Horse!  I could Eat This Horse! - 
the late Dave Feldman dean of Chicago Track Writers: Chicago Sun Times

 Betting on anything is the sucker's game. A Fool and his money is soon parted; a gambler and his kids' money, the Dude at the End of the Bar's money, OG's Pay Day Loans money, Maxed out Credit Card's Money, and the Last Person Who Will Make Eye-Contact With You's nickel is parted real fast.   This I know.  I am a recovering gambler.  No Skye Masterson, this boy. 

I am now Nicely-Nicely Hickey having seen the light and been slapped silly by family and friends - clean since 2005.

Nevertheless, while I eschew this occasion of sin; nevertheless, understand the attraction.  Betting on the next Pope, like Keno/Caribbean Stud/Roulette and especially the slots is a House Game. It's fixed.  Sure 86 Cardinals vote, but fix is in - the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit -AKA The Third Person/ Paraclete/ The Bird - picks the Pope.

The Tote Board has the odds going to this trifecta
1-Archbishop Angelo Scola 2-1
2-Peter Cardinal Turkson 5-2
3-Marc Cardinal Ouellet 11/2

I like long odds - which explains why I am boo'd at GA meetings -and I love Chicago's Francis Cardinal George. 200-1

Sit Down Hickey!!!!!!!!! You're Mocking the Pope!

Not a jot.  

Man, He do favor Stubby! 


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