Monday, February 18, 2013

Eric Zorn Cheers for a Pelvic Papacy

Teaching is tough.  It requires patience, good listening skills and most of all should, anyway, require that the teacher knows something about his subject.  There can be, and should be, some diversity of opinion, but that usually is rooted in an individual teacher's preferences and predilections with regard to focus of study - in the teaching of English, let's say, one might prefer Thoreau, over Henry James. or Alice Walker over Margaret Mitchell.

A history teacher might suggest to his students that Truman's decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan was not based on a desire to save hundreds of thousand of Japanese lives should an invasion of home islands be necessary. but rather one based on the cynical desire to keep Progressive former Vice President Henry Wallace from ever posing a threat to the burgeoning military industrial complex.

That teacher would be an opinionated ninny parroting what he recently watched on Showtime's moronic revision of American history with Oliver Stone. Stone teaches that his vision is no theory, but history.  It is not anywhere close to history. It is a Stalinist fabrication.

You see, with the passing of the greatest generation, hypocritical louses are free to re-write the history written in blood by the vanishing old guys who lost all of their buddies at Saipan, Guam, Iwo Jima and Okinawa and would have joined those said buddies, had President Harry not give the go-ahead to drop the bombs that ended Japan's world genocide. 

Those few 87,88,89 and God Bless 90 year old heroes die at a rate of 1,500 men a day.  Ten years ago they would collectively kicked Oliver's ass. Safe now, Oliver Stone goes full Chomsky.

In matters theological, I know very little.  I know more than Eric Zorn, who knows only what he cares to hear from lisping lordlings like Chris Hayes of MSNBC.  Chicago's own nitwit and hack Andy Shaw's son-in-law, (Boy, talk about the nepotism in journalism), Chris Hayes hissed the Catholic Church by digging up the comments of a disgraced professor of ethics Daniel C. Maguire.

Maguire, like Noam Chomsky,  is a political player noted for his pamphleteer-ing in favor of abortion, sexual permissiveness and gay lifetstyle everything being meanly smashed upon the Rock of St. Peter.  Maguire worked with DNC in parsing Geraldine Ferraro's position on 'choice.'

In 2007, just in time for the 2008 Presidential Election, Professor Maguire mailed out some of his pamphlets to 200 plus American bishops.  Daniel went into the lions den wearing a pork chop suit.

The theologian, Daniel C. Maguire, teaches religious ethics at Marquette University, a Jesuit institution in Milwaukee. He is a 75-year-old former priest and a prolific writer, educated at the prestigious Gregorian University in Rome, who has been challenging Catholic teaching on sexuality for years.
Last summer, Mr. Maguire mailed two of his pamphlets, “The Moderate Roman Catholic Position on Contraception and Abortion” and “A Catholic Defense of Same-Sex Marriage” to 270 Catholic bishops. In them, he argued that the Catholic position on these issues was “pluralistic,” and that Catholic theologians through history had taken a variety of acceptable stances on these issues.
The bishops’ Committee on Doctrine denounced the pamphlets as “irresponsible.” The bishops said that it was a “serious error” to claim “that the teaching of the pope and the bishops represents merely one voice among many legitimate voices within the Catholic Church.”
The Catholic Church is unyielding on abortion and marriage.  Professor Maguire, is an ex-priest who happens to have a job at a Catholic University and under sanctuary of academic freedom micturates out of the protective tent. Even after the bishops said that he was full of . . .pith, Daniel Maguire could not howling in the desert - 
“They’re simply uninformed,” Mr. Maguire said of the bishops. “There is no one Catholic view on contraception, abortion or same-sex marriage. There’s a diversity of views. And it’s not just Dan Maguire versus the bishops. There’s a large school of thought that agrees with everything I’ve said in these pamphlets.”

Listen to me!!!!!!!!!!  You mitre'd bullies and Bush Bishops!!!!!!!!!  I am a tenured Professor!!!!!!!  Thank gods for Chris Hayes and Eric Zorn!

Professor Maguire wrote a couple of books that challenged the Vatican; the Vatican took up the challenge.  Professor Maguire was not teaching Catholic doctrine, though he argued that he was.  This is a progressive flaw similar to the fat boy who tells the  Illinois DMV Maiden that his weight is 190 lbs, when in fact that morning he registered 265 lbs.  With an arched eye-brow, the DMV Maid good-natured-ly records, " Five feet; 5" and . . .One hundred and Ninety pounds? You go, Playah!"  

Last week, the Illinois State Senate overwhelming approved the Heather Steans Religious Freedom and Gay Marriage legislation 31-24-2; now, the impetus to stuff this legislation down the throats of Illini is going full bore.

To that end, journalism water boys like Eric Zorn and the editorial boards of most papers will lobby the Illinois House of Representatives in the newspapers, which will be handed off to iconic yaps of Carol Marin's WTTW cheerleaders.  Not only is Gay Marriage a Civil Rights-Social Justice Crisis Issue That Can't Wait, but great way to say I LOVE EVERYONE! and tea-bag the Bishops and Catholic.

"What Right Wing Catholics piously desire is a Pelvic Zone Papacy, one that will rail against contraception, abortion and same-sex marriage, and, would you believe it, even masturbation, will leave the greedy to their grasping ways. They studiously ignore a whole tradition of left-wing Catholic social doctrine, espoused by popes and general councils of the church which is well-grounded in the Bible. They run from all that just as they ran from “Blessed” Pope John Paul II when he presciently sent a cardinal to tell George W. Bush that an invasion of Iraq would be a “defeat for humanity.” Daniel Maguire
Kind of excited there, huh, Prof? 

You see, Maguire's latest bacchatur stultus littera, contorts an economic statement by the Vatican into a collating of Catholics are the Tea Party  in need of Pelvic Papacy's Purge.

Read it, it is joyful noise!

Teaching is tough. The Greek word ethics translates to mean " ought" - what ought to be.  Theology and ethics are lug-nuts and oranges.  What "ought" does not translate to "want." that would erasthai, which means intense desire.  I have an intense desire to see better journalism before I die.  As if.

That intense desire is not sexual.  That would be erotikos - all that sex stuff.  Heterosexual males are said to erotic thoughts once every 4. 275 seconds.  There is no way that my erotic thoughts will include Eric Zorn, epistemologically speaking.

I just can't bat from that side of the plate.

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