Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Salon's Blubbery Joan Walsh Wants You to Know That She Is Outraged - Outraged

Getting Showered and Shaved a bit ago, in order to attend to local Democratic Party functions ( good people one and all and nothing like the National Nitwits of the DNC) my son Conor was power surfing the cable and left on MSNBC, before heading to the door and work at Di Cola's Fish on Western Ave.

As I completed my wardrobe assessment for the evening Tweed Ride - frock, shirt and collar cravat, sword-cane and Churchill Waterproof, I noticed that damn his eyes - the lad had left the station tuned to MSNBC.

Salon's Joan Walsh, plumped up from the Holiday Feasting and appearing to have gone 'Double Dutch' with the Mashed Spuds ladles, was rehowling her morning's 'Props' to the Commander-in-Chief with MSNBC Meathead and resident flannel-mouth Chris Matthews. Joan and Milky were doing "the dozens" on the cross-eyed, Black Dude who sounds like steam escaping - the guy had worked for Dick Cheney. MSNBC always invites Republican or Blue Dog Democrat Victims -as opposed to guests.

In essence, Plump and ever weepy Joan had this to say:

" President Obama's candor Tuesday describing the mosaic of warnings . . ." . . . that's enough.

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