Thursday, December 03, 2009

Bad News;Good News: Afghan Folly & Desiree Rogers is Jolly!

Bad News:

America should pull out of Afghanistan immediately - if not sooner.

Were America to commit itself to victory that would be one thing, but to stall like a "fish" wrestler crawling to the edge the mat for three years, taking the penalty points and trying to avoid a pin might be considered disgraceful. Not to a Leftist, of course.

The Leftist takes the absolute frame of reference and chops, slices and dices any and all facts to agree with that absolute - America is racist, Imperialist, War-mongering George Bush Hill Billy Sexist - always and everywhere. If America commits Air Power to interdict terrorists on the ground, it is cowardly murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent children, women and baby ducks. If America puts 'boots on the ground,' it is an Army of Occupation bent on Nation Building.'

President Obama owes his election - not to the millions of centrists Americans but the vastly wealthy Leftists who pumped millions into his Campaign for White House.

America can not have a military presence anywhere and still have the dough-ray-me to pump millions of tax-dollars into Government Health, Government Labor, Government Education, and eventually Government Law Enforcement to keep tabs on this Nation of Cowards.

President Obama gave the Taliban a heads-up that come 2011 they can return to power and chop heads, castrate women and serve Allah, like a Klansman serves Jesus.

In order to save American lives, bring the troops home now. In three years another election will take place in America and a new President can inherit Obama's War and win the damn thing. Until, then America will be coached to 'Fish Off' the mat.

The Good News - Desiree Rogers Divas Yet! She will be sure to provide all Americans weary of eight years of George W. Bush and War on Terror a cavalcade of laughs in the months to come!

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