Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Kathleen Kennedy Crows on Her Dungheap of Entitlement - Abortion Kills Children, Moron.

Why is it that the bishops are more concerned with restricting millions of American women from making health care decisions that are best for them and their families than they are with ensuring that millions of Americans — women, men, children, immigrants, the poor, the middle class — get much-needed health insurance?

As a Catholic, I dare say it’s because the Conference of Catholic Bishops has lost its way. For example, in Missouri, the Catholic Conference issued an e-mail alert urging “those who are opposed to health care reform but are also pro-life” to “stay focused on the abortion issue and get the Stupak-like amendment adopted in the Senate.”
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

The Public Kennedy Family Members are indebted to Planned Parenthood. They owe nothing to the Catholic Church and requite the Faith with Thick Dividends of Contempt.

One Kennedy, Patrick, whined that he was being taught by Bishop Tobin what exactly a public smear of Doctrine is all about and its consequence. Kennedy barked that the bishops were wrong on Abortion. Kennedy wants to go to Communion - receive the sacrament of the Eucharist. Bishop Tobin explained that Catholics who hold beliefs outside the Faith should not receive Communion.

Kennedy pissed himself over the thought that Catholic Rhode Island might agree with Bishop Tobin and took his whine National. He outsourced his complaint to the ever compliant Media. MSNBC, New York Times, you name it, all oiled Kennedy's complaint. Bishop Tobin remained tough.

Now, another Kennedy, Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend, a former Lt. Governor - akin to being named Kentucky Colonel - takes pen in hand to ensure that more babies get a surgical probe in the noggin. She sells books that smear Catholics.

Hey, it's Family Thing! Old Joe lobotomized a daughter whom he deemed not worthy to be a Kennedy due to mental challenges. The Kennedys seem to fully understand and embrace the Planned Parenthood disgust with Governor Sarah Palin's motherly caress of her Downs Syndrome child.

The Kennedy Brand is bloody. Abortion is the killing of a baby. Drop the Catholic bullshit and dance with WHO brung you. The Kennedy Family can embrace any imbecilic stand that they choose. They will make fine Christian Non-Sectarian leaders - or Non-Christian Secularists.

Choose. It's all about choice. I choose to be a Catholic American. I will not support Abortion, nor any parser who plays with Planned Parenthood.

The Public Kennedy Loudmouths can do with out communion - as they are not clearly in Communion with the rest of us. These morons believe it is all dress up - make-believe. Faith has no requirements.

John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy were the last Catholic Public Kennedys. Old Ted played at it, when convenient and bullied and bribed the cowarldy Catholic clergy.

The rest of them, the Public Kennedys ( who hold for Abortion and want things their own way) can just hop up and kiss my broad manly Irish ass!

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