Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brit Hume Mops the Floor with Durbin - The Murderer of School Reform

Senator Dithering Dick Durbin is beholden no principle. The Thompson Gitmo Guest Haus Developer, Abortion Industry Baby-Daddy and SEIU Towel Boy is also the School Reform Child Molester of America.

Sen. Dick "American Troops are SS" Durbin does what he is bidden to do by SEIU, Planned Parenthood and the Education Lobby. Durbin has been caught strangling the baby of Reform in the cradle. This fatuous and mealy-mouthed dope is a parser for Abortion and then passes around his 1st Communion Photos to the voters.

Last night Brit Hume pasted this time serving dope -

The real reason seems to be that the program works and thereby threatens the monopoly the public schools and their unions now enjoy. So language to end the program was quietly inserted in that massive trillion spending bill now working its way through Congress.

Fingerprints are hard to find, but the point-man against the program has been the Senate's No. 2 Democrat: Dick Durbin of Illinois. The AFL-CIO's most recent rating of his support was 100 percent — small wonder.

To think that I vote for this amoeba Durbin makes my skin itch. He makes Roland Burris look like Curley Dirksen.

Pour it on him, Mr. Hume!

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