Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bob Herguth and Sister Mary Paul McCaughey Nail It - Catholic Schools Must Target Mexicans and Latinos.

The PC all-inclusive Hispanics is a dodge. The vast majority of Catholics swelling the population of Chicago are Mexicans. Mexicans have a family and work ethic that runs counter to contemporary American Poser outlooks - " I won't do that type of work; I'll stay unemployed and live with Mom and Dad until I get a reality show,"

Yesterday was the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, one of the signal cultural events in Mexico and with her children Del Norte.

Mexicans are as wildly jingoistic about their Motherland than any Pole, Lithuanian, Jew, or Mick.

Mexicans, as an American demographic, are as yet untoxified by the victimhood that required in the welfare culture - government operated which helped to destroy the African American Family and semiotic media developed Mom and Dad welfare provided to white "I wont do that type of work;I'll stay with Mom and Dad until I get a reality show."

The Si Se Puede Lefty Activists have yet to enthrall the Mexican families in America.
Mexicans cling to the Faith - Catholic or Evangelical Protestant; Mexicans , especially men, would rather string fliers together in an icy warehouse than take the dole or depend upon the charity of others; they abhor Abortion no matter how much perfume is squirted on that pig; they do not embrace Gay Marriage; they take care of their elderly with a grace and affection that should put all other Americans to shame and they love America. Mexicans are fearlessly courageous, loyal, generous and loving.

Mexican young people are attracted to gangs and are singularly violent practitioners of Gang Doctrine; however they do, it seems to me, exhibit the nihilistic and maniacally senseless violence that marks Black on Black Homicide and Assault and Battery.

Mexican Americans have cohesive community sensibility that was smothered out of the African American Family community through sixty years of government plantation servitude to the Welfare God.

The one area where Mexicans and other Hispanic Catholics cleave to the Welfare State is its attraction to Public Education. I dare say that one might map any and all aberrant behavior and associations ( Gang Membership, Teen Pregnancy & etc.) in the Mexican Community to that choice in Education. Perhaps that choice by Mexicans for Public Education over Catholic Schools stems from the fact that government pays for the Church and education in Catholic Mexico is homogeneous. For whatever reason, Mexicans need to choose Catholic Education over Public Schools, because Public Schools encourage Teen Pregnancy, Abortion, and viewing the actions of one's life -" Forget to learn English ! Forget your Abuelos - Government has their backs! It's All Good! America is Racist and Imperialistic."

Likewise, the Catholic Church and especially Catholic Schools must attract greater participation and commitment from Mexican Families. Bob Herguth of Chicago Catholic News .Com provides a great story about this initiative and Sister Mary Paul McCaughey, Catholic Schools Superintendent, is just the person to clearly define the benefits of Catholic Education to Mexican Families. Click my post title for this great story

The evidence that Public schools are a danger are as clear as the headlines in every Chicago newspaper and on every radio and television broadcast.

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Anonymous said...

Spot on. The two main problems at my half anglo, half hispanic parish is convincing the hispanics to cough up at collection time and enroll their kids at the school. As one of our priests put it- they come from a culture where you go to the Church to get things, not to give things.