Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shake Down the Hypocrisy at Notre Dame - Sign for Life and Free the Protestors

Chicago Firefighter Jim McMahon saves lives on the job and all the time. Notre Dame cares only about getting into a Bowl Game and fitting more mopes into goofy checked golf slacks, while kissing the fanny of America's Most Pro Abortion President.

Notre Dame University had scores of people arrested and charged - people who protested the asinine bestowal of a Doctor of Laws on Planned Parenthood's President -Barack H. Obama. Let's get those charges dropped.

Jim McMahon reminds all of us to help push Notre Dame to drop the charges aaginst the protestors.

Click my post title to the link and sign the petition.

You will do the right thing. It has been years since the PR Driven School in South Bend did the same.

Huge hat tip to Jim McMahon:

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Jim McMahon said...

Pat, When you get a chance, please let me know how to enlarge these pictures for the blog....Thanks