Sunday, December 06, 2009

North Korea Has G.I. Divas and We have Desiree Rogers.

The North Korean goofball Kim Jong Il has him an Army of leggy G.I.'s - no Sad Sacks They.

We have Desiree Rogers. Hey, my fault, I know. I am posting almost exclusively on the Desiree Rogers Agonistes. It keeps me from going to Lardo's Scottsdale Hobby Shoppe and buying kits of Schooners and Galleons in bottles, or waiting for my Green Chicago Parkway trio of trees to insinuate their roots deeper into my sewer egress lines -Both wonderful ways to pass my quality time.

One has only a thin wedge between the window and sill of opportunity to place a thorn in the thong of a self-absorbed Thimble-Rigging Job Jumper like Mardi Gras Chicagoan Desiree Rogers. As I noted, my animus stems from, but certainly not limited to, Ms. Rogers' revelation of character when she scooped Corporate Contributions form Peoples Energy Corporation's annual education grants to poor Black Kids attending Leo High School in Auburn Gresham and plumping up her Fash Bash - Fashion Show featuring Desiree Runway Rogers.

I liked this Rockefeller Center photo rendition of North Korean Military Hi-Jinks that came from my pal Mr. G of Chicago: This put me in mind of the New York Times piece I read before Mass this morning by Maureen Dowd - the bottled Mick Red-head wit and harridan.

Crazy Aunt Maureen Dowd - the bitter and marinated fifty and change spinster aunt who has given up meeting a nice man at St. Patrick's Novenas - has linked Desiree Rogers and Tiger Woods. Aunt Mo is generally all "Hey You Bitch Get Over Here!" about Sarah Palin, who could kick Mo's Rump from here to Nome and Back, in her cocktail and Virginia Thins Menthol throaty skirl*.

Both Tiger and Desiree hid and stayed silent because they mistakenly thought they were protecting the Brand. But despite their marketing savvy, these two controlling players spiraled out of control. They made the same colossal error in opposite ways.

She mistook herself for the principal, sashaying around and posing in magazines as though she were the first lady, rather than a staffer whose job is to stay behind the scenes and make her bosses look good. (Even if Barack Obama is a brand, Desiree shouldn’t talk like the First Marketer or call him a brand — and she definitely shouldn’t refer to it in a proprietary way as “we.”)

He is the principal. But he forgot that he’s no longer a solo brand. He has been marketing himself since he turned pro and 21 in 1996, becoming a billionaire with endorsement deals with Nike, American Express, Titleist and the two Generals, Mills and Motors.

Tiger has abilities -tons - not as a husband,or father mind you (Real Men Don't Tom Cat- my neighborhood? Not Done -Everyone is married to his/her high school pal until the trip to Sheehy's Funeral Home.) Desiree?

Give me these North Korean Gorgeous Grunts any day.

*skirl (sk├╗rl)
v. skirled, skirl·ing, skirls
To produce a high, shrill, wailing tone. Used of bagpipes.
To play (a piece) on bagpipes.
1. The shrill sound made by the chanter pipe of bagpipes.
2. A shrill wailing sound: "The skirl of a police whistle split the stillness" (Sax Rohmer).
[Middle English skrillen, skirlen, probably of Scandinavian origin.]

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