Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Two Pros Go for Baroque at Chicago Symphony Center Last Night

CSO - Co-Concert Master Robert Chen and Conductor Nicholas Kraemer Two Real Pros at Work!

Last night I took the kids to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's performance of baroque pieces by Handel, Telemann and two compositions by Hayden.

The music was wonderful! Played by Whitey O'Day and Terry McEldowney at McNally's after a Cubs loss and the music would still be wonderful - of course it would be interesting - like aluminium siding on Chartres Cathedral.

But what really grabbed me, that I relayed to the kids, was the powerful professionalism and discipline of the members of CSO all around, but most especially Robert Chen the co-concert master - the violinist who sits on the audience's right hand (sinister to Maestro) side of the conductor. This was a lesson in craftsmanship, dignity, and work ethic!

Robert Chen calmly but forcefully - a real foreman - stalled the start of the second movement of a piece by Telemann when some bonehead's cell-phone or pocket recorder buzzzed through Symphony Center ( Orchestra Hall to me). Some clowns should stay home and TIVO or WI or whatever those mopes do. Robert Chen displayed a powerful grace and dedication to his trade.

At the conclusion of Haydn's C- Major Symphony # 90 there was glitch - it seemed that the Violist caught the glitch - lost on most of us ( especially this less-than craven sophisticate 'Hell, Boy, that Handel's Water Music gets the toes to tappin' don' it?').

Nicholas Kraemer, the British conductor for this powerful night of music that hightlighted Chris Martin ( no not the Cold Play guy married to the skinny blond) on trumpet for Haydn's Trumpet Concerto, and Robert Chen smoothed the bump with great humor and energetic self-deprecation. Obviously, two wondeful pros and great guys.

The sainted old Magyar, Sir George Solti would have had the poor music librarian or stage hands 'knackers' on Carr's Biscuits for a post concert snack.

Maestro Kraemer and Co Concert Master Bob Chen - the beers are on me! Thanks for showing my kids, not only a great night of music, but real pros at work!

Click on my post title for a Chicago Sun Times review of this great night of music.


mikeb said...

Oh for the good old days of Bill Dunigan and all the rest, except Stanley.

It's still Orchestra Hall to me as well.

Be Well Hickey, Be Well.


pathickey said...

As you know, Mike,

I slept through most of my shifts. But I do recall some CSO greats.

Wichard Wenning Wing Bew? ' Wood You Wike To Swing on Stah?/Cawwy Moonbenas home in Jaw?'

After the multi-million dollar renovations you'd think they get some new seats.

The musician are still the best in the world!