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Le dreyfus et nous coupables de Your'e le savent! (You're Guilty, Dreyfus, and We Know It!)

He's confusing a clear conscience with a lack of conscience

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January 5, 1895
BY MARQUE BRUN Temps du Soleil Chroniqueur et Arbruti

Mon Dieu! That was amazing. What a horse's behind. I just watched Alfred Dreyfus say he's going to report to prison today with a clear conscience. He says he's innocent, and he still intends to prove it.

He didn't apologize. He didn't so much as admit he made any mistakes. His defiance couldn't have been more complete if he flipped us the bird.

I hadn't intended to write about Dreyfus going to prison today. I thought everything had been said.

'Still fighting for justice'? Idiotie!But I can't let him get away with that little speech when I know many of you sat there in the Cafe Parnassus while sputtering just like me, but without the platform to express yourselves.

Dreyfus should have just kept his mouth shut if he didn't have the sense or decency to acknowledge the error of his ways.

He should have waved at the cameras and climbed into his car and drove to Cozy Île du Diable - Devil's Island, Guiana, and waved once more from inside the carriage when he got up there.

Then, in 1906 -- when the now 47-year-old former Army Staff Officer will get out of prison, if he lasts that long -- he could have waved twice more on the way home. Fine by me.

Dreyfus should have saved the baloney about "still fighting for justice" for the people who drank the absinthe and think he's a martyr because he's a Jew Officer.

Alfred Dreyfus is no martyr, whether you agree with his handling of Army AntiSemitism or not.

He did everything France's Army said -- and more
Alfred Dreyfus presided over a office in Army Ordinance where German General Staff Officers routinely obtained information with bribes, tens of thousands of dollars of which made their way into his campaign coffers -- a nasty little problem that he tried to cover up. People got killed ( The Prussians killed thousands of us in the Franco Prussian War!! )as a result of those ballistics charts out there on the road.

While Dreyfus was in Ordnance , he gave his Jew Friends an inside track on most of the big leases and contracts let by the Grande Armee. In return, they showered "gifts" on him and his family.

Perhaps he continues to confuse a clear conscience with a lack of conscience.

How exactly does Dreyfus propose to prove his innocence at this point? Is he going to find the one-armed man? Sacre Bleu! - I must be having another vision!!!!!

(Note to younger readers: There will be this television show called "The Fugitive" that they made into a movie with Harrison Ford in which this doctor is convicted of killing his wife and . . . oh, never mind.)

Alfred Dreyfus is not innocent. He's not even "not guilty," a distinction he may or may not appreciate.

Earth to Alfred. You're guilty.

You did everything the Republique accused you of doing -- and more -- and the people of France know it.

The prosecutors proved it to a judge and jury. They also proved it to the appellate court, which found the evidence overwhelming.

Dreyfus's innocence isn't really a matter of serious discussion at this stage, only whether he received a fair trial given some of the goofiness during jury deliberations.

At most, he never had a chance for anything more than a new trial, where all the evidence from the first trial would have still been in full force and effect, and where a new jury would have convicted him just as quickly as he could be brought to trial.

'10-year ordeal' for us, too
While waiting to go to COZY Devil's Island, Dreyfus has undoubtedly run into a lot of people who have expressed kind words to him either back in Mulhassen, Alsace or on his Paris restaurant circuit. People are like that. They don't want to be outwardly mean -- like newspaper columnists.

Dreyfus may be suffering under some delusion that people are on his side.

Mon Dieu! He spoke again Tuesday of his "10-year ordeal" under "unrelenting pressure."

It's been an ordeal for us, too, Alfred, wondering whether you'd ever be brought to justice with one of the best legal teams in the country pulling out all the stops on your behalf and cleverly postponing what one of the appellate court judges called your "day of reckoning."

Well, the day of reckoning is today, and whatever sympathy that might have been directed your way because of your age and your family situation, you kissed that goodbye with your defiant speech. You need a pornographer like ZOLA to help you now!~

Consider this our return kiss in your direction. Vive La France!

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( I am certain of nothing - but you just might be able click on this link to learn more about Capt. Alfred Dreyfus and how a whole country , not just a State knew that he was guilty)


Mike Houlihan said...

Not sure where you are going with the Dreyfus thing, probably over my very fat head, but I'd like to say that Mark Brown and other phonies who piss on George Ryan,(a friend of mine and a great governor and leader in Illinois), will someday find themselves on the other end of their dirty stick. Anybody who tries to pin the death of the Willis children on George Ryan must be smoking the same dope as the ambulance chaser who originally came up with this ridiculous theory, who by the way made millions from the tragedy of the Willis family. Kass and Mark Brown should remember what Jesus said, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone." It's a round world boys and some day it just might come back to roll over your sorry asses. As for me, George Ryan is my friend and I saw him helping people over and over again, and anybody who don't like that can go fuck themselves!
Mike Houlihan

pathickey said...

Old Al Dreyfus was a slam dunk intio the slammer - 'EVERY ONE KNOWS HE's GUILTY!'

Trouble was, that down the road after a few semesters on DI, Dreyfus was fully exonerated.

Never got much in the way of apology, either; kind of like Carol Marin and the Fogarty Family - Carol called them IRA hitmen and made national news. Trouble was - nope! A goofy kid with an FBI agent's gun killed the Langerts - no apologies necessary.

Our free press is a wonderful thing - too bad it is never worth the half-a-buck that they charge.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, me lad, the quote has been changed for this century. Now 'tis

"Let him who is not stoned commit the first sin.

I overheard Georgie porgie and the entirely inept Manny Hoffman discussing a black candidate they recruited for an Illinois campaign, and telling him he had to find his own money, the republican Party would give him none.

A Korean American friend of mind got propositioned for a car deiver's license by one of George's examiners. We reported t to his personal police force who did a two minute interview and deep sixed the whole thing.

George was a hard man, no avunclar uncle. he got caught doing what Jim Edgar could get away with and the Republican Party got proof of the Peter Principle.

Too bad he didn't go to Duluth.

pathickey said...


As in all things - there is much that meets the eyes and some few things that plumb evade them.

George Ryan was very kind to member s of my family - that is what I saw and tend to remember.

As for those blowing out some high moral dudgeon - and getting paid pretty well to do so - I take that pinch of salt.