Thursday, November 22, 2007

RE. Danny K. Davis - Get a Ticket - Go See Dad! The True Parent, Rev. Moon, Crowned by You , Will Pay the Fine!

Hey, Kids! That's US Congressman Davis, who thought that he was driving in England this week, got ticket and tossed the race card, standing fourth from the left of Danny's True Parent ( there's the Missus Moon and the two kids I believe), Rev. Moon, Bible Applicator and Sushi Slinger.

Here's US CONGRESSMAN Danny Davis about to crown True Parent as Messiah in 2004 - them white gloves probably cost more than the moving violation Danny Davis is trying to beat. Hey, how does Danny Davis stand on all that old seperation of Church and State Whatnot? He's an Ace Progressive!

Danny Davis tossed the race card - again - to beat a ticket. The globe trotting U.S. Congressman and pal of the Tamil Tigers thought Kedzie was a cobble stone street in Surrey, or Sussex, or Sutherland across the foamy brine, where Britons of all colors drive on the opposite side of the road.

Instead of eating the ticket, like any normal citizen, Danny Davis went on the cheap and tossed the dog-eared and well worn race card. Come Danny. Do what any 'close-knit ethnic,' HDO connected, Asian Big Ticket DNC, 'rich Jew,' or normal black American teenager does when he screws the public pooch - Go have Dad bail you out.

In 2004, you crowned the biggest Daddy in public religion and commerce - The Reverend Sun Myung Moon. The man owns every bite of sushi sold in America. Pick of the phone and give old Dad shout. He'll keep that $75 (Buckos) tucked in your vest.


More than a dozen lawmakers attended a congressional reception this year honoring the Rev. Sun Myung Moon in which Moon declared himself the Messiah and said his teachings have helped Hitler and Stalin be "reborn as new persons."

At the March 23 ceremony in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, Rep. Danny K. Davis (D-Ill.) wore white gloves and carried a pillow holding an ornate crown that was placed on Moon's head. The Korean-born businessman and religious leader then delivered a long speech saying he was "sent to Earth . . . to save the world's six billion people. . . . Emperors, kings and presidents . . . have declared to all Heaven and Earth that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is none other than humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent."

Here's what old Danny Davis' Pops thinks ( quite a guy BTW) - Danny I'm sure The True Parent will spring for the Six Bits:
From Salon
This year, claiming instructions from the True Father himself, Unificationists announced that a new stage had begun in the raising of Cheon Il Guk ( or heaven on earth). Believing that the crucifix could be the last obstacle keeping America from accepting Moon as the messiah, they have held conferences across the country with banners reading "Tear Down the Walls/Who is Rev. Moon?" culminating in a final crucifix-burying ceremony. Moon's Family Federation for World Peace Web site describes the inspiration as a vision that the True Father first made public last year at the 20th anniversary party of his Washington Times. (The speech, in which Moon said, "The Washington Times will become the instrument in spreading the truth about God to the world," sent many reporters to the bar for a drink, the Post reported.)

But while Moon's anti-cross rhetoric would surely turn off many of his friends on the religious right, he remains invisible in the media. Even though his rhetoric far surpasses Louis Farrakhan's in vitriol towards Jews and gays, he goes unnoticed by groups like the ADL, whose Web site highlights the Nation of Islam as a hate group, while its only mention of Moon comes in a warning about the violent threats of extremist rabbi Meir Kahane (who in 1976 "declared war" on Moon missionaries, vowing none "would walk the street safely").

Disciples insist it is a mistake to take Moon's words literally, out of the context of the broader Divine Principle. They hasten to add that the massive archives of speeches online are hastily written translations and are trustworthy only in the original Korean.

But at his FAQ, webmaster Damian Anderson warns of any politically correct dilution of, for example, Moon's attack on Jews.

"The fact is that the Jewish people committed a grievous sin in rejecting the Lord, and the world is today committing a grievous sin in rejecting the Lord," he writes. "I will not water down what Father said to please liberal constituencies within his own church."

Within his church, his entreaties to cherish and punish your "love organ" (with pliers if necessary, he suggested in 2001) manage to find an audience. On Blessed Children World, an online message board for kids of Unification families, there is much discussion of church beliefs. "I hate gay people," one B.C. observes. Other B.C.'s ask whether it's a sin to go to the prom and debate a church doctrine that rape victims are considered impure. "Kill yourself before you ARE raped," one posts. "Bite out your tongue and choke on your own blood if you need to. (No joke, that was in Father's speech from some time ago). Anyhow, I know it sounds totally NAZI of us to say/think/believe such things..."

That frank admission has since been deleted from a Nov. 1, 2002, message thread titled "I cannot accept rape = fall," in which other posts contend sexual purity is "worth dying for." But the sentiment, at least, seems to be supported by Moon's speeches.

"If someone is trying to invade you, you would rather kill yourself than go through the fall. At least you won't go to hell that way ... this means love comes before life," he told an audience in 1992. For at all costs, women in Moon's view must not reenact the primal wrong, the perversion Moon sees as responsible for the Fall. "There is nothing more important than the new lineage."
(Again from Salon)

Danny's Dad believes! Yep, and Danny behaves accordingly!

As always, click on my post title for the Tribune account of Danny Davis driving like an Englishman - ON KEDZIE!


Anonymous said...

Danny Davis deserves all the flack he gets for helping crown Moon but at least he saw the light and no longer attends any Moon functions.

Now how many times over the years have you rooted for some propaganda Moon fed you through the Washington Times?

Some reason you didn't mention that Republican Roscoe Bartlett carried Moon's robes and bowed to Moon also? Or that Republican John Warner rented Moon the room? Oh, I know because Moon has spent billions of dollars funding and molding the rise the new right in America. You didn't want to give your readers the whole picture, why?

Moon brags about being the main funder of the right and he has been. He has tossed billions into the money losing Washington Times and brags about using it to train our nation.

You know, he has given over three million to the Bush family just since Jr. took office. Bush 41 has traveled the world honoring Moon. Or maybe you could mention that Falwell and Lahaye were funded by Moon - you know the ones who have pushed the republican party into the "pander to the theocrats" party. Moon said his job as messiah was to raise up the Christian right for power and he did.

Did you know that the head of the Christian Coalition in Louisianan gave Moon an award for his family values?

Without Moon's money, operatives and political fronts today's right would not be as extreme, as theocratic nor would they have ever taken control of all three branches of the government in 2001. Think about that while you're reading your Bible - did you think it was some other Christians who would be deceived, that YOU would be immune?

The former editor of the Washington Times, James Whelan, said in 1991 that the moonies "are subverting our political system" and he was/is right.

U.S News and World Report March 27, 1989
Rev. Moon's Rising Political Influence
His empire is spending big money trying to win favor with conservatives.

On New Year's Day, 1987, South Korean mystic Sun Myung Moon, who considers himself to be the son of God, told his Unification church followers that he wanted to expand the church's political influence in the United States. His aim, Moon said, was "the natural subjugation of the American government and population." [...]

...the church has established a network of affiliated organizations and connections in almost every conservative organization in Washington, including the Heritage Foundation, the largest of the conservative think tanks and an important source of government personnel during the Reagan administration. [...]

The Unification Church's newfound influence has occasioned intense debate among conservatives. One group of worried young conservatives meets regularly in private to compare notes about the problem. But little of the debate has surfaced in public forums. "Most people are afraid to address the issue because they don't want to publicize the extent of the church's involvement," says Amy Moritz of the Conservative National Center for Public Policy Research.

Because almost all conservative organizations in Washington have some ties to the church, conservatives also fear repercussions if they expose the church's role.
That happened when one organization, the Capital Research Center, published a newsletter last November warning of the church's attempt to create a "centralized world theocracy." One of its board members, who was also on the board of the International Security Council, resigned in protest, and conservatives charging that the paper was creating discord on the right, besieged the center with angry calls. "We got a very, very strong reaction -- almost as if we were the enemy -- because we raised the issue," says CRC Chairman Willa Johnson, a former president of the Heritage Foundation.

Marathon Pundit said...

If there was a cover up on Moon by conservatives, then why would Pat be posting on him, anonymous...

pathickey said...

SlowTalking, Slow Walking, Good-looking Moon Man Dan saw the blue lights a blinkin' when he was driving like and Englishman on Kedzie. That's Progressive!

'I crowned him Messiah, but I no long attend services.'

Who need Bugs Bunny, when we got Bugs Danny?