Friday, November 23, 2007

Not a Pothole - Nope. Not a Snake - Nope. It's Police! It's a Police Profiling Opportunity!

Mom and Pop Moon - Proud of Their Boy Danny! That's Livin' the Moon Life , Son!

Moon Man Dan gets better as the clock keeps ticking. Click my Post Title for the Danny K. Davis Show - "Are You America's Next Race Profiler?" (really today's Tribune piece)

Moonstruck? You bet! Danny - Turkey Coma? You dream this stuff up after putting away the HOKA and gravy?

This goof is the limit. A real maroon! He kills me! He Crowns Moon!

Now get this - Here's Danny's latest Kop a Plea on Cops for his Diving like A Brit charge this week. Dan - do NOT go north and south on Ashland - you'll bang up some citizens and property.

"I know that I had not weaved. I mean, I'm not senile," he said. "Had I weaved, I would have said 'I thought I saw a pothole,' or a snake, or something."
DK Davis (2007 U..S. Congressman and Moon Man)

Kind of reminds you of Daniel Webster don't it?

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