Sunday, November 18, 2007

The STNG - News Created by a Free Paper - The Chicago Reader

Like the HRH Blucher of the Austrian navy in WWI, STNG rolls desperately and the crew is doomed.

The TV show The Office was a creation of a British Comic, as was Sanford and Son and All in The Family;Plagiarized to economic success by Norman Lear. The same thing is going on with the STNG - Sun Times News Group led by the big Banana Cyrus Friedheim.

The Sun Times looted from the scuttles to the top mast by Lord Black and David Radler has been sinking like that Austrian Cruiser Blucher, from old WWI footage - the one above where the crew desperately tries to stay aboard as the ship rolls porpoise like on the grey seas. We see doomed and desperate little men doing a tragi-comic log roll on the Leviathan hull of that ship. Similarly desperate, STNG has taken the work of John Conroy on Police Abuse and laundered Burge out of the fabric with a daily drum beat down of Cops and Ben Joravsky's TIF salvos and Brown Sugared them - Mark Brown has moved from Cop Bashing to fronting for Mike Quigley - the Uriah Heep of Illinois Political life. - Click my post title for Mark Brown's work on behalf of the world tallest political pygmy.

The New Che T-Shirt Edition of Propaganda ( @ $125 with pre-frayed collars) posing as Journalism at the Sun Times and , sadly, now at the morphed Southown Star has been and continues to be churned out by the Chicago Reader. Chicago Police have been undermined by the STNG for too long. Quit buying their papers.

If you want to read about TIFs ( Tax Incentive Funding) read Ben Joravsky for free - it don't cst nothing. If you want to read about G. Flint Taylor's orchestrated efforts ( woodwinds: U of C Law' Strings - Bluhm Center of Northwestern; Percussion - Lefty Writers of Mother Jones, Peoples Weekly & etc.; Brass -Gangbangers, Activists and 'Reverends'; Chorus - Cliffs Notes Readers in knit caps and Patagonia catalog wear) to loot the tax payers by John Conroy. The Chicago Reader is free. STNG costs way too much at any price. Now, with the Daily Southtown being scuttled by the Banana Republic of STNG, more good sailors with go down with the ship, as well as the complicit cargo rats. I used to love reading a newspaper -but they do not seem to love readers back.

Like Norman Lear's comedy concentrate offered weak scripts and marginal entertainment compared to the originals, STNGs propaganda is not genuine Lefty literature - it is only playing radical to Kop nickles.

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