Thursday, November 15, 2007

Expunge It - Do The Crime; Forget the Crime Tamara Holder and Nutbag Media Bananas Here to Help

Here's Tamara and some celebrated Chicago Emmett Kelly Imitators - they got the clown's frown down!

Remember all the hoopla at Ickes Homes a few weeks back when Jesse Jackson had his sleepover? Attorney Tamara Holder was out in front for Je$$e, who never goes anywhere unless there is a huge - or modest - Check - on which to blow the ink dry.

Tamara Holder is an expungement attorney and she helped the three people who hit 'Walking Mike' - a suburban man hit, mutilated and hidden by three people, one of whom was a man who needs his criminal past expunged - Tamara Holder is helping him do just that. As only a Lawsuit Lotto Lawyer is wont to do, Tamara blames the 60 year old victim's family for her client's actions - alleged actions and subsequent cover-up. Consistent.

Click my post title for the Daily Southtown Story.

BTW -I will stop buying the Daily Southtown when the people laid off by Cyrus Friedheim, put in their last day, no sense in denying those great people a few dimes; - shoot Cyrus found the money to pay off Right Wing death squads, while slinging Bananas at Chiquita, but he can not scrape together a few nickles for his employees. Must be nice to toss folks in this Season of Giving - The Progressive - Independent Conscience of the City - some conscience - which City?

Citizen Tamara Holder is just one of the many talented and greedy Lawsuit Lotto Lawyers working closely Chicago's New Media Crowd. She was vocal about [olice abuse with Jesse - better than wearing a sandwich sign and walking around Ickes Homes I guess. Ink-slingers for STNG never seem to disclose the associations of these mattress stuffing lawyers, who loot the taxpayers, cloaked in smug-social self-righteousness. Joe Chicago can read and follow the news BTW. Joe, Mary and Aunt Molly Chicago, to nod to Dick Simpson's coal heave for the Combine of STNG and LawsuitLawyers, step around the bullscat!

I have more respect for the ambulance chasers who wear cowboy hats and actually show up at disasters, but that's just me, just a guy who reads the newspapers. And Tamara, has made her presence known.

Here's what Tamara is all about! She will be handling these cases, where the Politicians, the Reverends, and the Banana Republic News Media roll over confidence in Law Enforcement.

Tamara has staked out her bush in the Lawsuit Windfall Boondocks:

Chicago Expungement Attorney Tamara Holder is a graduate of The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois.

While in law school, Tamara interned at Miramax Films in Los Angeles, CA where she participated in contract formation and arbitration for many of Hollywood's biggest stars. She also interned for the Cook County State's Attorney where she prosecuted criminal cases. She was a member of The Trial Advocacy Team and The Negotiation Team.

Following an early graduation from law school, Tamara worked for a criminal defense firm. Soon thereafter, she formed her own practice where she defended misdemeanor and felony criminal cases.

Big Hollywood Stars and folks with criminal pasts that need to disappear: HMMM, could taking advantage of the orchestrated Media chaos that blurs the truth behind incidents by tossing in race and brutality, leading to mega-Million $$$$ Lawsuits make sense to young plunger like Tamara? Sneedless to say!

These bedbugs barristers with their partners in the Banana Republic of Chicago Journalism (STNG) make Justice pretty itchy - Ickey I'd say.


Anonymous said...

You're out of line with your comments about Tamara Holder.

Every person who stands before a judge is innocent until proven guilty.

In the event that you were ever charged with a crime, you would appreciate that you are innocent until otherwise proven guilty.

Supposed that you had been arrested and the charging authority found no probable cause!
You certainly wouldn't want to live with an arrest on your record for the rest of your life.

Suppose that you'd been arrested and charged with a crime that you didn't commit! When your lawyer negotiated a dismissal, or a jury found you not guilty.

The law allows the legal remedy of expungement.

Through her law practice, Tamara Holder is empowering people who otherwise would be unable to support their families because of the permanent stain of an arrest record.

She's a fine person and an excellent attorney.

--Deborah D.

Unknown said...

I respect your opinion but much of what you say is completely inaccurate. I would be more than happy to correct your version of the truth with the actual truth. Since you've already been to my website, I am sure you have my #. But, just in case you don't, it is: 312-981-1414. I look forward to hearing from you.

Otherwise, I wish you the best in the future. You seem to have a great talent for writing.