Tuesday, November 20, 2007

McCain and The Railsplitter's Reconciliation

In the 1840's Whig Abraham Lincoln and Democrat James J. Shields confronted one another over the collapse of the Illinois economy. Shields, Comptroller General, saved the State of Illinois from Economic ruin and angered the Whigs, especially their leader Lincoln.

Political enmity boiled into a personal feud that had more to do with affairs of the heart and the two political foes nearly fought a duel. There is some disagreement over who calmed whom in this affair. I take the view that Shields, a fierce veteran soldier and adventurer, choked up a little common sense in honest Abe. Dr. J. Sean Callan's Courage and Country gives a wonderful account of this little known but important event in Illinois history.

Nevertheless, Shields and Lincoln became good friends when their cooler heads prevailed. Lincoln appointed Shields Brigadier General of llinois Volunteers when the Civil War began and Shields went on to defeat Stonwall Jackson at Kernstown in 1862 - the only Union general to win a tactical victory over the Genius from Virginia - Old Blue Light.

John McCain, like Lincoln and Shields before him, is a leader of fierce instincts and human outlook. John McCain is never afraid of a brawl, but understands that reconciliation is the best political tool in the bag.

Read about John McCain on political reconciliation and get a look a a real leader and a great America.

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