Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chris 'Milky' Matthews Insists - 'So that's your Husband Mrs. McCain! Your Husband I Tells You!'

Chris Matthews will not be corrected! Let's Play Softball!!! Or, Snowball!

The Atlantic article linked into my post title insists that John McCain had a Bizarre day - any day that includes a howler soup on Chris Matthew's Hardball is bizarre from the get go.

Chris Matthews has always reminded me of the deaf drunk at the end of the bar with his ear on a stick - half listening to my conversation with several other boon chums and periodically eclipses our talk with his repeated assertions ( uninvited of course) that will somehow bring him into the circle of knowledge.

Matthews also reminds me of that waiter 'Milky, or Whitey or Casper from Me, Myself and Irene.
What struck me about Senator McCain, Mrs. Roberta McCain and Matthews on Hardball with the Snowy Softball yesterday was not Mrs. McCain's opinion on the the Olympics and Utah, but Chris Matthews repeated (twice)reference to the future President as Mrs. McCain's 'Husband.'

Bizarre? A tad. For Matthews - consistent. Like the Ear on a Stick talk wedger plied with too many bumps and beers, Chris Matthews fails to hear the message and raises the volume.


Anonymous said...

He made a mistake, a bad one. But it was a mistake, so stop blowing it out of proportion!

pathickey said...

Milkey ?? That You?