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The Voice of "Emerging Nations" Parses Obama's Philippine Blunder

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He has also insulted President Obama and the U.S. ambassador in Manila.
Duterte has prompted international criticism for pursuing a harsh crackdown on the drug trade in the Philippines, one that has left thousands of people dead. Some of Duterte's headline-grabbing insults have been defiant reactions to criticism — real or hypothetical — over an initiative that many say violates human rights. NPR

I can not turn-on NPR or PBS without a cooing voice with a faux BBC accent or reptilian lisp lick-spittle-ing a yarn about 'anything' from an emerging nation.  Thus, 'This is Nigel Brow in Wogrograd - we are soon talking with Mbnbi Al-Offis-Rockah. a bi-sexual father of fifteen and devout Muslim-Unitarian who isa craftsman and dealer in illegal AK-47 display cases much desired by Euro-American plutocrats.  Offis Rockah's signature-edition cabinets are in-laid with Rhino tusk and soaked in the vanishing creature's musk, due to climate change upon our emerging world and Polar Ice flows. . . .'

That seems to be  the 24/7 chant on our government funded Mini-Tru, but we do still have Prairie Home Companion to balm the souls of hemped-up AARP Birkenstock-ers, retired from Goldman Sachs and spooning up Ben & Jerry's.

This week in our sinking nation, Americans are aware of the fact that Trump is a disgrace to HBO and Hillary Clinton can't lose on November 8th.

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Meanwhile the Russian Fleet sailed triumphantly on both sides of the United Kingdom: English Channel and Irish Sea.  Many of my BBC addicted Irish kinfolk are as delighted with Putin's mooning of NATO and the United States like this gobshite, known in Chomsky-troll circles as PeaceGroupie:

The terrorists' groupies( the West) would have us believe almost all houses in east Aleppo are hospitals and schools. They have claimed on multiple occasions that the last hospital/doctor had been hit/killed. The rebels looted all the hospitals they captured. In Mosul and elsewhere, they executed medics who did not collaborate with them. They slaughtered medics and patients alike in Kindi hospital in Aleppo.
The US and NATO who regularly murder Syrian civilians (the Belgians killed more today) are in a soft war against Russia and so they accuse them of bring naughty. Contrary to what Michael Martin said, Russia did not bomb that UN convoy. The rebels did. They have a history of doing such things.
Russia is doing a noble deed in Syria. Several of its soldiers have paid with their lives for their heroism. They have stopped the USA and its ISIS proxies doing a Libya/Iraq/Yemen on Syria and for that they are heroes. (parenthetical my own)
The BBC and NPR love the academic-contrarian parsing of things.  Putin is wagging his willy at Obama, whose spineless and Bizarro-world view matches the BBC and NPR Derridavan weltanschauung .  Goodness!  Barack Obama is now GW? Emerging!

Well, we must break a few eggs in the global omellette pan.

The old global omelette pan welcomed the Philippines last week as well!
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Rodrigo Duterte was elected President of the Philippines in June, 2016.  Between June and October, the foreign policy collective of the Obama White House managed to condescend to, mock, alienate and insult Duterte enough that the entire Pacific Rim stands to fall under Red China's hegemony.

Brand Obama sneers at people who get upset when they are 'talked-down to' by an elegant community organizer with razor sharp pants creases and an obtuse Daily Kos world view.

Again, turning to the Plain People of Ireland, besotted with the BBC/OXFam anti-Semtism and fashionable MetroMarxism, we pick up on the spiritus mundi -

The Filipinos have a long and living cultural connection to China and have only benefited from its American connections in becoming a sweatshop, whore house and secutity buffe, which has only caused them strife and harm.
I've talked to Africans who have nothing but praise for the Chinese set ups in their homelands. Consistently, they tell me that, unlike westerners, the Chinese treat them as equals/ Like Africans, Pinoys have a decent level pf education and a keen work ethic.
Via one of my hobbies, I've a fair few Pinoys that I talk to and they are stoked by Duterte after the false start that was the corrupt Aquinios. Filipinos are not Americans nor even western but have been forced to wear systems that are not reflective of their ancient cultures, which emanate from places as far away as ancient Persia and as close as Indonesia. The common connection of those 2 influences is direct justice.
A few years ago, the Filipinos made the film Amigo, a reminder of the American regime at the start of the last century. Duterte has brought the massacres of Pinoys by Americans back to the agenda including what was done in Mindanao and even further south. This has been well received and is having a healing affect throughout the archipelago whereas Aquino et al inflamed the struggle in the south
In a country where police corruption is just the done thing, Duterte has appealed straight to the people and given them the right to do what must be done because the Filipinos are not the whores and weak people that the west has made them, they are the people of Lapu lapu, the spirit that sent Magellan to his death.
Mabuay(sic) Duterte!  

Mabuhay means - Be Spirited in Tagalog - sort of a Google Translate Viva Duterte!

The same sentiments abounded with my Irish cousins and compadres, when Hugo Chavez was Bromantic with Barack Obama. Brits as well.  The BBC, RTE, the Guardian and Irish Independent speak the same propaganda as our NPR and PBS - tweedy, snotty and elitist non-sense.

Obama and John Kerry and Hillary Clinton are fabulous dopes.

Nevertheless, they have destroyed America's place on the world stage, retreated cravenly from every challenge by tinpot and crack pot dictators. bloomed and manicured ISIS from the last dying cuts of the Muslim Brotherhood, turned the Pacific over to China and have given Putin the global gangway!

Our response? Well, the fabulous dopes are baffled and called Duterte the Filipino Donald Trump.

How do you like your global omelette?

Mabuhay America, we have a tough row to hoe, before breakfast.

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