Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Secretary of State John Kerry - Global ReMax Agent

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It's clear that China is intent to claim all of the South China Sea as its own, and for its exclusive use. Their recent agreement with the Philippines will embolden them further even though the Philippines has not officially given up their claim, they made it clear that it is "for sale". When you understand the Philippines, this makes sense. And to be fair to Filipinos, Hillary Clinton put the US State Department up for sale to the highest bidder and profited personally from her time in office. It's easy to look at the Philippines and blaggard them, but Sec. Clinton did the same thing - only worse. Retired American Intelligence Office

I was flabbergasted by the universal scorn, contempt and low-opinion of John Kerry in the remarks on a Face Book site of  Chicago Council on Foreign Relations touting the appearance of Secretary of State John Kerry.

From negotiating the Iranian nuclear agreement to reopening a US Embassy in Cuba, US Secretary of State John Kerry has shaped historic foreign policy directives. In an increasingly complex international system, growing challenges such as a progressively assertive Russia and China, the global refugee crisis, climate change, and terrorism have all had an impact on US national security and are reshaping America's role in the global arena. How will America continue to respond and engage in a changing world?
Join the Council on Global Affairs and Secretary Kerry for a major speech highlighting America's current international objectives and discussing our country's role in the world moving forward.  (emphases my own)

And John Kerry will explain exactly what?

  • How has the Obama Doctrine ( bowing) helped keep the Ukrainian military and merchant fleets bottled up in the Black Sea?
  • Why is Syria going to remain in the hands of a chinless psycho path for next few decades?
  • Where is China's territorial limit in the South China Sea, the Philippine Sea, the Sea of Japan and Lake Michigan?
  • Who is responsible for the Philippine Islands embrace of Red China after 100 years of blood forged alliance and strategic mutual interests?
  • What do you have to say about your roll in making Iran a nuclear power and Geo-political player?
Long John Kerry was a lousy Presidential Candidate and allowed Planned Parenthood and a wind sail win the White House for two terms of globalist Neo - Conservatism venture capitalism.

Kerry and most other Progressives of his ilk are corporatist couch-change hunters and Foundation lap dogs who parlay place and position for access.

In short, like Hillary Clinton before him, John Kerry is the global ReMax agent, rather than a steward of American strategic interests - let's negotiate - make a deal!

What deals were managed to allow Red China the control of Pacific, or Putin's the boorish navigation of the English Channel and the Irish Sea?

John Kerry took orders from Valerie Jarrett, just like President Obama, and she knows real estate - local slums and global totalitarian property. Kerry talk is Free.    Nothing else is.

What else is for barter?     Not my time. I would not go, if they handed out Milk Duds at the door.

John Kerry will flap-doodle before an eager crowd of Selfie artists exchanging Kerry's parses for a snap-chat at his is the fourth annual Louis B. Susman Lecture for the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations  

If you want to learn something about what is being done to American interests, read Virtual Mirage. 

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