Friday, October 14, 2016

CTU Boss Jesse Sharkey Wants Forest Claypool to Pick up Another Govt. Pension, After Getting Bounced from CPS

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The ISO have found a leadership position within the CTU in the form of Jesse Sharkey, who is vice president. And Sharkey turns out being a run-of-the-mill sellout artist working to undermine teachers' conditions and benefits. This can't go on forever, they're running on borrowed time. I expect they think they're stalling until martial law is placed on the United States as part of a new authoritarian framework, which they will no doubt welcome. Comments from ISO member International Socialist Website

"He (Forrest Claypool) is unfit to be CEO.  He has earned the contempt of teachers and parents across the city" Jesse Sharkey ISO/CTU

Wow.  Harsh.

You won't read the above comment in your Sun Times, Sneedless to say, nor will you read this anywhere in the Chicago Tribune, but the Boss of the CTU, which just made Rahm rollover again, wants career grifter and poly-pension portfolio collector, Forrest Claypool out as CEO pf CPS and into the starting blocks of yet another pension package. This was in DNAinfo Chicago

Three days after the teachers union reached a tentative agreement on a new contract with the district, Sharkey, the union's second in command, said Claypool had "run the system off the edge of a cliff."
"He is unfit to be CEO," Sharkey said. "He has earned the contempt of teachers and parents across the city" by threatening mass layoffs and deep program cuts to schools.
Sharkey, however, stopped short of calling for Claypool's ouster.
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Forrest Claypool herded with Progressives, but used Regular Democrats and then cast them into the darkness.

Never do a solid for a Lefty.
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Forrest Claypool has put the gratitude blade into the kidneys of scores of City Hall and Cook County regulars, as well as fellow Progressives,but nowhere near the hundreds of working people at Chicago Park District, CTA and CPS in exercising Claypool policies of smoke and mirrors - fire long-time competent employees and hire more very temporary unskilled 'apprentices.'

When Claypool was Rahm Emanuel's CTA CEO he orchestrated the vilification of Amalgamated Transit Workers President Bob Kelley in months long Orwellian Morality Drama featuring Pastor Pfleger, Danny Davis, Bobby Rush, ex-cons and community activists, because Kelly stood up for his people.

The Chicago Tribune and the Sun Times pooh-pooh notions that Claypool is a fraud at best and louse in fact.

Now, the International Socialist puppet master of Chicago Teachers Unions, Jesse Sharkey ( another buzzcut Bolshevik, like Jon Podesta and Locke Bowman, for those of us keeping track) wants Claypool's wispy scalp the lodge pole outside of his CTU wickiup, in order to show off to his tribe the Medicine of ISO.
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Strong Medicine.  Ask Leo Trotsky.

Well, I gotta go along with Red Jesse.

Forrest Claypool is a skunk of the first waters. However, I would rather not watch Forrest Claypool collect another pension.  Image result for jesse sharkey and forrest claypool

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