Wednesday, October 19, 2016

To Celebrate Another Debate I Will Not Watch, I Made 10 Layer Chop Suey!

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Vote.  Vote and then keep it to yourself.

I can not make America Great, again.  I can make Chop Suey in the Slow Cooker. Chop Suey is as American a dish as Turkey and Stuffing - Trump and Hillary. Some believe chop suey was first mixed up for the transcontinental railroad workers, others that it was a joke on Americans.  One visitor to the U.S. in 1904 wrote that Americans ate a dish prepared by Chinese restaurant owners called chop suey, but that Chinese would not eat themselves.  Either way I am and have been a huge fan.

The greatest Chop Suey joint was George's located at 79th Street just east of Ashland, back in the 1960's.  Nothing matched George's, but he gave my Mom his recipe ( so he said) and I share it here - no wok; pig pot.  Kinda like me.

Two Lbs. of cubed pork shoulder meat and chuck beef - marinated in a dry mix of salt, white pepper, cinammon and ground star anise.

I cup of chopped celery
2 chopped onions
2 cups of mung beans sprouts
1cup of water chestnets
1- cup of chopped mushroom
3- chopped garlic cloves
2Tsps of grated ginger
1 generous pinch of crushed red pepper

I half cup of Hoisan Sauce
several manly dashes of Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauces

Layer as follows

 1. celery
 2. onions
 3. marinated meat
 4, mung bean sprouts
 5. water chestnuts
 6. chopped musrooms
 7. Chopped garlic
 8.grated ginger
 9. Hoisan sauce over all
10. Crushed Red Pepper

Cook on High for two hours
Cook on Low for four hours

Serve over good sticky white rice

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