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Ticket Whiners "Hit Back' for Chicago and then 'Ditch School' Get Real News from Second City Cop, before you go to Chicago Rags

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“You’ve hit Chicago numerous times. . . . When you hit Chicago, Chicago hits back.” Ald. Anthony Beale Image result for anthony beale chicago

Mos Def, G! No slippin' dis area code, Yo!*

Alderman Beale is not warning the GDs, Vice Lords, Mickey Cobras, Four Corner Hustlers, Latin Kings, or even the ethnically cleansed Irish Deuces. Beale is really giving it to Donald Trump, he and the 49 other amoebas with plush chairs in the Chicago City Council.

The Chicago 50 - the City Council, not its collective I.Q. - hit back at Donald Trump and took down the brown sign that anyone with the ear of an Alder-creature can get hung up.  Legend has it that some have even been a 'taste' for a deal, but Andy Shaw's BGA would been all over that, like a four year old boy on bowl of steamed cauliflower. Yes Sir!

Fran Spielman, the voice of the Chicago Banana Republic, takes a delightful swipe at the oafish plutocrat, erstwhile reality show star and Presidential candidate.

The City Council’s Transportation Committee unanimously agreed to strip Trump of a recognition he covets: “Trump Plaza,” the honorary designation for the east side of Wabash Avenue between Illinois Street and the Chicago River, outside the 96-story Trump International Hotel & Tower. . . .As for the honorary street designation, one of the Trump Plaza signs already has been stolen. So only one more needs to be removed. That will be done post-haste, if the full City Council approves the punishment, thanks to a so-called “pending passage” letter that (Ald.)Beale promised to sign.(Ald.) Reilly said Trump no longer deserves the honor after making political hay at Chicago’s expense in a way that has damaged the city’s reputation on the global stage.
Trump’s decision to portray Chicago as a “war zone” that needs stop-and-frisk during the first presidential debate was the final straw.
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Yeah, Brendan, we live in Honeysuckle Vinewater Way,you mewling turd.

In December 2010, Trump contributed $50,000 to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and $5,000 to Reilly.
That was two years after the opening of Trump Tower with the vanity sign touting the Trump brand.
On Tuesday, Reilly was asked about the hypocrisy of accepting Trump’s money, only to bite the hand that feeds him.
He promised, once again, to send the money to back.
“I will be doing that on Nov. 9, the day after the election — so Mr. Trump can’t spend it,” Reilly said.

More important Chicago's Aldermen Approved, Sanctioned and Abetted Thud Comfort Zone will bleed mightily while the Cubs and some of our Aldercritters hire a bus and 'road trip' to Cleveland for game # 2. of the World Series.  After whining like pimps shorted by street walkers, when the Chicago Cubs Organization withdrew its proffer of free tickets to 50 moochers, Progressive Cop-Hating loudmouth Alderman Anwar Pawar beefed about the hit he tookImage result for anwar pawar chicago
Three aldermen on Monday confirmed that the team had withdrawn the offer after the Board of Ethics on Friday sent out new guidance to aldermen, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other city officials on the issue. Some aldermen were upset, contending that the ethics board and its new chairman, William Conlon, were making much ado about nothing.
"This whole thing is a circus," said Ald. Ameya Pawar, 47th, whose North Side ward includes part of Wrigleyville, the area that's home to the team's iconic ballpark. "Rather than celebrate the Cubs, the Cubs now are going to have to comment on something when we as a city should be celebrating going to a World Series." Chicago Tribune

N.B. -Attribution goes to Second City Cop, as I always read my news there, before the media cheerleaders.

Also, SCC offers a pithy assessment in vernacular concerning this city's two-score and ten hypocrites:

 "Remember, that's an alder-asshole who decided he was going to threaten the LOCAL Lodge for an endorsement that a NATIONAL Lodge made. Never let actual ethics get in the way of a corrupt deal."
The gobshites are 'ditching school today' -
The City Council chambers will be emptier today, during the important budget hearings because a large number of aldermen, who cannot get tickets to the games in Wrigley Field, have gotten a bus and are going to Cleveland to watch the game, after getting tickets on Stub Hub scalping site.
Thank goodness the Budget Hearings can take care of themselves. SCC
Stronger Together!!!!!!!

Keep voting for morons, neighbors.

* A breathy affirmation and editorial.

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