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Senator Dick Durbin is a Huge Fan of Bob Creamer and His Riotous Tactics!

Image result for Dick Durbin and Jan SchakowskyImage result for robert creamer check kiting2005: Bob Creamer and his Life Partener Rep. Jan Schakowsky listen as Federal Judge James Moran gives Bob the 'long goodbye'

"I will never again allow my passion for that goal to overwhelm my good judgment or my respect for the law," Creamer said after the sentencing hearing 2005

"I still oppose abortion and would try my best to convince any woman in my family to carry the baby to term. But I believe that ultimately the decision must be made by the woman, her doctor, her family, and her conscience." Pro Life Dick Durbin

" Does Leo have a football team?" - Dick Durbin confused by the facts before him.
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One of the dopiest people in government is U.S. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois.  Really.

After an hour long tour of Leo High School in late October of 1996, by President Bob Foster who played on the 1956 City Championship football team, a pleasant chat with the head football coach who had just landed the second playoff berth in IHSA post-season in as many years, and marvelled at all of the football memorabelia in the Hall of Fame including Dick Boyle and Eddie Ryan 1956 bronzed cleats, Dick Durbin's first remark to President Foster was, " Does Leo have a football team?"

President Foster, no mixer of messages, or slick parser of the obvious, repled, " Jesus Christ!  What? Are you soft?  You're running for Senator?"

Yep.  And re-elected time and again.

Robert Creamer had his pants yanked down this week, so to speak, when James O'Keefe offered up Creamer in his words and deeds

Creamer was convicted in 2005, " Robert Creamer, a leading Democratic consultant and the husband of U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), pleaded guilty Wednesday to a federal bank fraud charge for engineering an elaborate check-kiting scheme to keep afloat the Illinois consumer group he formerly headed.. . .In addition to the bank fraud charge involving Illinois Public Action, Creamer also pleaded guilty to a federal tax violation for failing to make income-tax withholding payments."

After more than a few semesters in Terra Haute Federal and months as a Federal halfway-house  guest.  Bob Creamer wrote a strategy book for Democrat Operatives -Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win.
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He had just gotten out of the joint and he was doing swell with help from Pat Quinn and the man who beat Pat Quinn in 1996 Primary - Senator Dick Durbin. He opened a boutique consulting firm SCG, got a gig with Huffington Post, a place on the Obama Brand and eventually a key to the Oval Office.

Creamer's book was a DNC wow.

Durbin read, or had someone read Creamer's book, Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight to him and immediately penned this sweet endorsement of Bob Creamer and all of his works.

If Progressives are ready to move beyond the "Age of W" into a winning era, they can start with Stand Up Straight. This is more than a call to arms. This is a battle plan from one of the best campaign minds in America. Bob Creamer takes his readers from values to votes with practical tactics and insight gathered over decades of experience. This book is for players...spectators need not apply.
Senator Richard Durbin (D-Illinois), Senate Democratic Whip

We are well beyond the "Age of W" and swirling  down the drain of the "Obama Legacy" in no small part to Bob Creamer and Dick Durbin.

Yet, not one Chicago journalist for any news outlet cares to have a conversation about Bob Creamer, the dopes he puts in power, or the rigging of elections.

BTW - Durbin is not cleint of Strategic Consulting Group.  Why is that?  One wonders.

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