Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Waiting for the White Stuff -Snowmageddon Part III

(Up date at 10:04 AM)

Nothing doing here on the great south side.  Schools cancelled and I got up at my usual time -just in case.

So far the weather is mild and no snow.  Hang, on a while, please.  Dunkin Donuts is not open yet, so I'll head over to the White Hen ( actually a 7-11 now, but like Comiskey Park old nomeclatures die hard) at 103rd & Artesian and grab some zoom-juice and cream.

( fifteen minutes later)

I went up Maplewood and saw Alderman Matt O'Shea getting out of the house.  The boy do work hard.  White Hen (7-11)  aside from a couple of lotto-venture capitalists the place was empty.  "Where's the snow?" I asked.  "Don't ask that later, smart ass," was the genial reply.  Cops and Streets and San Drivers were going up and down 103rd Street.  I pulled out onto that street with my 24 oz dark roast and cream and took a right south on Western.  At 10400 S. Western I noticed that Alderman O'Shea already had the lights on.

Unlike that goof Cappleman in the 46th Ward, or that other 40 Watt intellect Proco Joe Moreno, Matt O'Shea is an old time, walk the ward and actually talk to people about services alderman. I may disagree with Matt on rare occassions, but I respect a person who actually works for someone other than himself.

No neighbors were out when I got home, so into Casa Hickey with my coffee and back to the keys.

No snow yet,  I got my oldest, Nora, up for work - I'll drive her to the Metra at 107th and pick her up tonight.

Snow -light snow coming down.  We may get buried, or we may get another pass from God's dandruff.

Stay tuned.  I will be in the garage test-starting the snow blower.

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