Monday, March 18, 2013

The Lion Queen - Master Teacher Aurora Latifi of Leo High School

Albania Math Teacher

This lovely Albanian Lass has the Lions eating out of the palm of her hands!

Mr. Wendell Hudson, a class act of DNA Chicago ( home to Pulitzer Prize Icon Mark Konkol) came out to Leo High School recently to do a feature on our Lion Queen - Aurora Latifi.  This young math teacher has changed the lives of scores of willful young men.  Boys are not easy to teach . . .anything and must be met where they are in this awkward and challenging stage of development - one minute they are trying to download pictures of naked women and in an instant very much concerned about Sponge Bob's most recent predicament.

I am amazed at the talented women Leo High School students have as mentors and instructors - Cristine Meany, also a math teacher, tutors Miles Turner who is making miraculous progress recovering from five bullets.  These young ladies have much more command presence and command of their disciplines than many of the males who have run screaming like kittens on fire from the onerous work of teaching young men. " I CAN'T TEACH THESE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Alpha Mike Foxtrot, Cup Cake!

Aurora Latifi is a Master ( m.gender) Teacher.

AUBURN GRESHAM — Aurora Latifi grew up wanting to be an engineer in her native Albania, but the government wouldn't allow her to, so she settled on teaching.
Latifi, 49, says now she has no regrets about going into teaching, and the move turned out to be good news for students at Leo Catholic High School on the South Side, where Latifi got a job after moving to America 12 years ago.
"She is a wonderful teacher and an asset to this school," said Dan McGrath, president of Leo, an all-boys school founded in 1926. "She really cares about her students, which is why she arrives early and leaves late. Her willingness to go that extra mile for students is what makes her so effective as a good teacher."

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Thanks DNA CHICAGO and to you Mr. Hudson!

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