Friday, March 15, 2013

CTA Commissar Claypool Warns Pope Francis " You Come to My Town; You Better Have That Ventra!"

In this 2008 photo, Argentina's Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, second from left, travels on the subway in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bergoglio, named pope on Wednesday, March 13, 2013, was known for taking the subway and mingling with the poor of Buenos Aires while archbishop. Bergoglio chose the name Pope Francis and is the first pope ever from the Americas. (AP Photo/Pablo Leguizamon)

In this 2008 photo Presidential Guru David Axelrod, sporting a swell piece from Hair Club for Men, rode the Buenas Aires Subway on an Obama Green Energy study.   The Progressive Argentine government offered its passengers the opportunity to 'share the wealth' with its Ventra Cards. On this particular fact-finding junket, Chicago's-own Comb Over Dave asked the Stiff Collar in seat next to him -"What's in Your Wallet?"

That became the mantra of the Obama White House 2008-Present.

The Kirchner Government won the hearts and minds of the Obama Campaign with its no-nonsense approach to eliminating the middle class. Mr. & Mrs. Kirchner were pals of Bill Ayers' pal Hugo Chavez and immediately made was on Argentine farmers - it's a Progressive thing.

Things were not as snuggly between the then Archbishop of Buenas Aiires and Mr. & Mrs. Kirchner, because the Catholic priest was so unevolved and always on the wrong side history. In 2010, after her visit to Red China Mrs. Kirchner made Same Sex Marriage the Rage in Buenas Aires and abortion as easy to get as Gaucho britches. Likewise, Peoples Transportation is what it is!

Here in Chicago, the appointed CTA Boss Forrest Claypool stuffed the CTA Board with Progressive ninnies like Jon Bouman *and Party hacks like Jackie Grimshaw; therefore the CTA operates like a Moscow street-car. Hey, it works in Caracas!!!!

 Forrest Claypool is the bright boy who finagled the Bombardier -Canuck/Red China Trains that Don't Fit The Tracks Boondoggle! He is the Commissar who fought pee breaks for CTA workers!  Forrest Claypool is a job-hopping lightweight with a Kevlar Resume.

Now, Claypool, like President Obama and the South American Dictator Community Activists is help the struggling middle class and the poor by divesting them of money that they will only spend on themselves and their children anyway.

 Ventra has come under criticism for the embedded fees in the program for CTA riders who purchase single-ride “L” fares. Riders who purchase disposable single-ride tickets will be charged the standard $2.25 rail fare, a 25-cent transfer fee (regardless of whether or not the rider uses the transfer) and a 50-cent “limited use media fee.” Critics of the program accuse CTA of penalizing the poor with these fees, to which CTA President Forrest Claypool took umbrage. Claypool and supporters of Ventra insist the embedded fees are targeted for tourists and riders who don’t rely on CTA as their primary means of transportation.Claypool did his best to parse the fare increase after the meeting and insisted the Ventra system wouldn’t cost riders any extra, if they only bothered to use it.
“There is no $3 cash fare,’’ he said. “The $3 is if a person chooses a disposable, one-ride ticket. It has nothing to do with cash.’’
You get that?  There is no $3 cash fare! There's no $3 cash fare!  There's no Crying in baseball! It has nothing to do with cash, Stupid!  $3!  You put $3 in the single ticket for the $ 2.25 rail fare!

“There is no $3 cash fare,’’ he said. “The $3 is if a person chooses a disposable, one-ride ticket. It has nothing to do with cash.’’

So, anyway!  The Pope rides public transportation and I dare say he has wiped more puke, pee, peanuts and papers off the plastic seats of a train or a bus than Forrest Claypool, Jackie Grimshaw, or Jon Bouman.  Book that, G!

If Pope Francis I, who fell afoul of Friends of Obama in the Western Land Down Under ever visits Chicago to hang out with the working stiffs, the dying and those awful homeless people, His Holiness had better pack a Progressive Ventra Card!

*"John Bouman expressed reservations over the system because of the appearance social service agencies that buy single-ride passes from the agency would pay more on paper for the new Ventra passes." . . .can't have APPEARANCES!  That is what Fatima is for! Progressive believe in science, reason and the appearance of honesty, boy howdy!

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