Tuesday, March 12, 2013

South Side Parade 2013: Leo Lions Learn About The Irish Game of Camogie ( Women's Hurling)

While waiting to step off in Sunday's South Side Irish Parade, members of the back-to-back IHSA Track Championship Leo High School team were instructed in the ancient Irish game of Camogie.

The Leo Lions With Annie Redmond of the GAA Champion Camogie (camógaíocht in Irish)  Squad - St. Mary's Camogie.  Camogie is the Woman's Hurling Sport sanctioned by the Gaelic Athletic Association.  St. Mary's play at Gaelic Park through the post-Memorial Day sweltering Chicago Heat.

Camogie like hurling is played with what looks like a sawed-off hockey stick and a leather ball called the sliotar

Matches are contested by two teams of 15 a side, using a field 130m to 145m long and 80m to 90m wide. H-shape goals are used, a goal (scored when the ball goes between the posts and under the bar) is equal to three points and a point (scored when the ball goes over the bar) is equal to one point.The rules are almost identical to hurling, with a few exceptions.[6]
  • Goalkeepers wear the same colours as outfield players. This is because no special rules apply to the goalkeeper and so there is no need for officials to differentiate between goalkeeper and outfielders.
  • A camogie player can handpass a score (forbidden in hurling since 1980)
  • Camogie games last 60 minutes (senior inter-county hurling games last 70)
  • Dropping the camogie stick to handpass the ball is permitted.
  • A smaller sliotar (ball) is used in camogie - commonly known as a size 4 sliotar - whereas hurlers play with a size 5 sliotar.
  • If a defending player hits the sliotar wide, a 45-metre puck is awarded to the opposition (in hurling, it is a 65-metre puck)
  • After a score, the goalkeeper pucks out from the 13-metre line. (in hurling, he must puck from the end line)
  • The metal band on the camogie stick must be covered with tape. (not necessary in hurling)
  • Side–to-side charges are forbidden. (permitted in hurling)
  • Two points are awarded for a score direct from a sideline cut (since March 2012)[7]
Camogie players must wear skirts or skorts rather than shorts.

It is brutal! The Leo Lions, gentlemen athletes all, were astounded by the skill and athleticism required of this ancient Irish sport.

St. Mary's Camogie:
 R. Callnan, A. Byrne, A. Redmond, N. O’Keefe, C. Murray, L. Mitchell, A. Wall, E. Hennessey, Colette Gill (1-2), E. McQuaid, N. Kerlin, Miriam O’Keefe (2-0), Grainne McCrickland (1-2).

Thanks Annie!

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