Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sizing up Pope Francis? Start with the Shoes

Pope Francis Holds An Audience With Journalists And The Media

Papal Footwear 2013 - a well-polished set of brogues - like any cop, firefighter, foreman, or construction supervise.

The guy is on the level.  That is a set of well-worn, maintained and comfortable set of kicks on the Pontiff. Already, I am sure, Papal Fashionistas are having conniptions, the twizzles, the vapors and the miseries!

Unlike, preening political compelling narrative crafting creeps, who don handkerchiefs, denim jackets, Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and Ambercrombie and Fitch boots with a footlong corncob pipe clenched between capped buckers prior to saunter among the helots, Pope Francis I walks the walk,

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