Saturday, March 02, 2013

Catholics Still Stand Up for Our Battered Church

The Catholic Church can not be allowed the time to elect a successor to St. Peter with a cascade of abuse and hostile sneers from the very industry that promotes decadence and universal disrespect - the news media.

While waiting for a friend's plane to land at O'Hare Airport, I watched the monitors featuring the news - it was merely CNN.  Christianne Amanpour, whom, for the life of me, I do not equate with matters religious  and bears a very strong resemblance to tobacco icon Joe Camel. was the featured mouthpiece - live at the Vatican and the always idiotic Soledad O'Brien trotted out the HBO-hit-piece Mea Culpa director*. Worse they reached out to Jeffrey Anderson, the absolute slimiest of the bottom-feeding ambulance chasers and the wizard of SNAP.  Anderson has made millions from bringing suit against the Church and making the media his catamite.

Anderson, who was a bust-out louse with a law license living in his Volkswagon, until he settled on suing the Catholic Church, because it asked a wino not to urinate in the vestibule of a church, is now trolling for work with the  Pope -to-Be. 

First, disclose the names of all the clerics credibly accused and known to the Vatican worldwide along with the country, state and parish or school where the offenses were allegedly committed. . . .Fifth, retain independent and outside professionals to conduct an audit to assure compliance and reliability. An example of a case where this independent investigation worked is the Louis Freeh Report regarding Penn State and the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal.
Sixth, retain independent and outside professionals, nonclerics who do not have a requirement of obedience to the pope and bishops, to conduct investigations into child sex crimes by clergy.
Seventh, retain independent and outside professionals to train, educate and modernize child protection procedures and protocols in every diocese worldwide. You know, like me, Jeff Anderson! ( emphases and sotto voce my own)

Huffington Post offers a  video featuring a precious pair of punks ( click the link and go to the video)who I would love to have join me at Father Perez Knights of Columbus after the Blackhawks lose a close on and have them offer their thoughts.

The Catholic Church and Catholics are in the cultural/political/ legal cross-hairs and shall be for a long time to come.

The Catholic Church alone stood against abortion, until the late 1970's when they were joined by evangelical Protestants and orthodox Jews.

Here is a great voice from a Catholic gent.

What a blessing it will be when the last pedophile and other weirdos will be weeded out of our Catholic Church. They’ve used it as a hiding place for years to enable them, (they thought) to continue their destructive behavior. When first discovered their bishops simply moved them to another parish, not realizing the serious consequences of their actions. Unfortunately the resulting scandal also got their bishops in a lot of legal hot water, which became a windfall for attorneys like Jeff Anderson whose article in the Dispatch a few months ago asked abused victims to come forward, which hopefully they will?
However have you ever wondered how a jury can convict a dead man of abusing 200 boys as stated in Mr. Anderson’s article? Some of these cases are ridiculous but with millions of dollars at stake, and Catholic priests it seems are guilty unless they can prove their innocence, which is impossible, it’s easy to understand why. I’ve known several dedicated priests who walked away from their profession saying, “You simply cannot fight this and win.”
We as parishioners gave our donations in good faith to our Diocese for Catholic schools, Catholic Relief Services, helping the poor, etc. It’s a wonderful gesture on the part of our church to compensate the true victims, and they certainly have my deepest sympathy. Every few days we read of another sex abuser moving into our area. We read of abused victims of teachers, coaches and pastors of other faiths, where are the million dollar settlements for their victims? The Catholic Church has tried to do the right thing and I commend them for it.
The scandalous TV documentaries about our church, such as Dan Rather on HD Net and others, make our church out to be and I quote the California attorney on that show who said, “The Catholic Church is a big rich powerful organization that makes Enron look like a Sunday school picnic” greatly disturbed me. I had written this when Mr. Anderson’s article first appeared in the Dispatch but just didn’t have the guts to publish it. The cartoon of the devil and the altar boys in the Sunday paper was an insult to me, my church, and I believe even to our friends of other faiths in this area. God bless the wonderfully dedicated Catholic priests I’ve known in my 75 years of being proud to be a Catholic.
Ed Koska
Me too ,Ed.

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