Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Every Gay Man and Woman Had a Mom and a Dad - Is That Bad?

“It’s become a joke that [marriage] is so sacred,” - Gay Activist from Uptown -Chicago Sun Time

I'd like to be a great and handsomely over-paid professional athlete, but God didn't make me that way.  I run slower than a Rolex watch bought from the trunk of a car in a vacant lot on Racine..  I can barely navigate the living room without doing serious damage to the china cabinet, taking a patch of flesh off my shins from contact with the coffee table and eventually launching myself out on the front lawn via the picture window.Was this due to Nature or Nurture?

I have no childhood malady, nor have I been subjected to any physical trauma despite my being a major league klutz.  Nevertheless, life has allowed me the honor and privilege of working with many gifted athletes as a teacher and coach.  My Hoop Dreams are for the Leo Lions once again.  We had a brutal basketball season.

My Mom was faster than me. She could beat me in dead sprint, until I turned thirteen.  My Dad and I played catch; he took my fastballs in the mitt and I caught his with my face.  Football was an ideal sport for the criminally slow and took my place on the line. " Hickey, just take up some real estate - get in the way."  That, I can do coach! Basketball?  As if!   I tried out with guys and Coach Spatz bellowed in his Jim Backus voice - "JeeeeZus Christ Almighty and the Forty Thieves!!!!!!!????  Kid, did you have Polio?"

My parents and coaches and pals encouraged me with good natured patience, not unlike Coach Spatz's stunned commentary on the most obvious of facts.  My Self esteem suffered not.  In fact, it directed my energies and aspirations.  Honed my work ethic and balmed my lightly bruised ego.

The extended family and the traditional family of one Mom and one Dad served me and most people I know very well - gay and straight.  Like Chief Justice Roberts, I have gay cousins and a gay aunt. Who doesn't?

I love them and respect them, even though I know that they will never birth.   They love me, even though I never was or will be a very good athlete. Did I grow up into a frustrated jock, an athletic wannabe?  Oh, Hell No!  Were I a better (even modest athlete) jock-strap I might have become one and ignored the alternative lifestyle I love - I read books.  I am more about Thackeray, than Dwayne Wade.

In the media's breathless hysteria to bull through Gay Marriage, I found this sad comment from a Gay Marriage activist in today's Sun Times.-
As rainbow flags fluttered above several hundred supporters at Federal Plaza, 230 S. Dearborn, D.J. Reed, 30, contrasted the importance of marriage to the gay community with its trivial portrayal in pop culture.
“It’s become a joke that [marriage] is so sacred,” said Reed, of Uptown.
“So many straight people everywhere love watching ‘The Bachelor’ and any other stupid fake wedding TV reality show, and people who truly love each other aren’t allowed to,” said Reed, a salesman at Nordstrom. “I just think they should open their eyes to what’s really going on.”
I beg to differ.  I was married.  When my wife died, I laughed not.   I had three young children about to be raised by Homer Simpson and that is no laughing matter.   All three grew up knowing how much I loved their mother and they had witnessed our very tactile affection for one another prior to and after her long illness; not to mention my absolutely pole-axed spirit and subsequent dissolute gambling.

We live with what God gives us and what we do about it: I have stumpy legs - my inclinations, however, are my own.

Marriage between a man and woman is a sacred union and not a Civil Right.

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