Friday, March 29, 2013

Rahm's Garbage Grid, Layoffs and Meeting Tuition Payments for Catholic Schools

The Beverly Review recently reported on a meeting of residents of the 19th Ward and Alderman Matt O'Shea. 
"The program concluded with a discussion on the city’s move to a grid garbage collection system that will be implemented in the 19th Ward in 2013. The program, O’Shea said, will save the city between $15 and $17 million in 2013 and $20 million in 2014 by essentially doing the same amount of work with fewer crews.
Currently, O’Shea said, there are 11 Streets and Sanitation crews that work five days a week to collect garbage in the 19th Ward. Under a grid system, all 48 of the city’s Streets and Sanitation crews will “saturate” an area of the city at once, thereby eliminating the work of seven crews per week (55 minus 48).
The 19th Ward’s garbage collection day under the grid system will most likely be Monday, O’Shea said, and recycling pick-up will continue every other week. Local residents, he said, will receive written notification before the new system is implemented." (emphases my own)

This gives me pause.  Great pause.  The same amount of work will be performed by fewer crews, who now work five days per week, but they will be part of a 48 crew city-wide.  Seven crews will be eliminated.

Is that seven(7) crews Tops?  Citywide?  Which Ward's crews will get the chop?  Back in 2008 when the well-coiffed Inspector General Dave Hoffman was all the rage, a typical garbage collection crew consisted of  three persons.( an MTD, the driver, and two Laborers) who work 8 1/2 hour days 30 minutes of paid lunch.

Even the well-coiffed IG Dave Hoffman had to admit that Bureau of Sanitation (BOS) workers had a "dirty and smelly job."  Gee, You Think, Dave?   Dave wrote a hair-raisingly hysterical Jeremiad against these 'dirty and smelly' crews in 2008 and bean-counted his assessment that most crews ( Dave counted *only 10 Wards out of the 50 btw) to the conclusion that these 'dirty and smelly' workers loafed an average of TWO HOURS A DAY!!!!!!!!

Systemic Loafing, People!!!!! Quod Erat Demonstrandum!!!!  We need the Garbage Grid Pronto!

Hey, thanks for playing your part there Dave!  How are things working out for you in the post-political life?

Well, the Grid is coming.  More crews will be laid-off, smart-sized, re-configured, no longer compensated, bereft of salary.  Thank God, for the great souled reformers! Why even this morning the Sun Times caught some poor slob napping on the job!

You see that is how Progressives roll.  Find some clouted mope who games the system, tag his behavior as SYSTEMIC, and fire hundreds of solid people standing in the way of some Red Light Camera, $100 M. Riverwalks**, CPS - Our Lady of Perpetual Helplessness, Garbage Grid, Claypool's Pee-breaks, Ventra Card, or Bombardier CTA Car boondoggle, which are the necessary components to Chicago -Urban Center.

What will happen to the families of Sanitation Crew member laid off in sacrifice to Progressive Mammon?

Well, they won't be making obscene lower middle class salaries; that's for sure.  Some MTD Streets and San Driver with three kids in Catholic Schools had better re-evaluate his life choices!  Some Laborers will need to pull Marsha from Queen of Peace High School and send her Madam Curie.

The City workers that I know are breeders who send their kids to Catholic elementary and secondary schools.  Like their neighbors who happen to be electricians, carpenters, cement finishers and sprinkler fitters, the Hope & Change Economy, that is GW Bush's fault 100%,  they can only hope that something will change.  Well, there is Marriage Equality, after all, but that won't pay the $10 K tuition for a Catholic high school education.

The Progressive gets a win-win out of this.  With Garbage Grid and other up-coming City of Chicago employment downturns ( privatized police and fire n'cest pas?), fewer families can afford to send their kids to Catholic schools and fewer kids will learn Catholic teaching and fewer voices will oppose SYSTEMIC CHANGES UNIVERSAL!

Huzzah!  It's an Andy Shaw Rodeo, folks!

Nope, Rahm's Garbage Grid and Obama's Economy are here to stay.  Catholic Schools like Leo High School are working hard to help our middle and lower middle class neighbors meet the opportunity to get a Catholic Education.  It is a systemic thing with Catholics.

Over the next few weeks, I explain exactly how Chicago families can budget against Rahm's Garbage Grid and the Obama Economy.

*"Between May and September, IG investigators spied on 77 garbage truck drivers and 145 laborers in 10 wards. They reported what they called "systemic, pervasive" waste and fraud".Tribune

** Please diagram the following sentence - "The truth is, we're now at a juncture in the history of the city of reintroducing the city to the river and the river to the city," Emanuel said. Chicago Tribune


Cal Skinner said...

Garbage trucks in Crystal Lake have one man.

pathickey said...

That'd be adequate to the task, I imagine, Cal.

Here there are between fifty and sixty homes (east and west) and two-three flat buildings as well as larger apartments. One driver and two laborers is a hell of a lot of work. Not to mention their responsibilities to grab collateral trash from foot traffic.