Friday, December 18, 2009

Copenhagen Again? Mr. President, You are 0-2 there. Go to Kankakee River State Park and Think Things Over.

"We are running short on time," he said. "We are ready to get this done today. But there has to be movement on all sides."

President Obama wants Health Care Something before Santa squeezes his cheeks down my Chimney.

Kim Jong Il put Obama's letter of concern about North Korean Aggression on his WI Golf. Oh yeah, he'll get back to you.

Send Troops! Cut Troops! Get Blacker Fast! Andy Stern is on the Red Phone! Card Check! Carbon Foot-Prints! Cap'n Trade! Tiger Can't Play Anymore! GW is looking Good! Saturday Night Live Tomorrow!


You inherited this eight year mess from George Bush - we got it. Big Ed Schultz has it on 10.

Comb Over Dave and Rahm-a-Lama- Dang-Dong are pinching pectorals to make things look Okay, but things are bad.

Mr. President, five years ago you were a back-bencher in Springfield with a huge loss to Bobby Rush under your belt. You wanted to craft your biography. You did. However, you do not have much of a resume. Let's face it. Short Bus Sweeney could direct the Woods Fund. Send check to whomever Bill Ayers designates. Teach constitutional Law?
Not much of a stretch there, I'd say. I taught very low level American & British Lit. ( Breathing for Credit) to 37 Dukes of Hazard fans. That was taxing.

Nope. You can not rush things.

For instance, say Obama and his party had not muscled through a $787 billion stimulus package and spent nearly that much to rescue banks and car companies. Most experts say those steps averted the collapse of the U.S. economy. A collapse would have been, suffice it to say, far more upsetting to voters than the bailouts and deficit spending they are criticizing now.

Moving along to health reform, some pundits argue that Obama should have punted or gone small or written the darn bill himself to avoid the messy, irritating marathon now in progress. But delay or small ball would have left the field wide open for stories about health insurance horrors, Obama reneging on a central campaign pledge, and the general incompetence of Democrats. As for writing the bill himself, that came to naught for the Clintons in 1994. In any case, as many senators are now making perfectly clear, there is no way to control a senator who does not want to be controlled.

Obama has also raised expectations with his foreign trips, and as he headed for the Copenhagen climate summit, the Republican Party helpfully released an archive of negative assessments of his travels. On the other hand, what if Obama hadn't gone to Copenhagen in October to argue for a Chicago Olympics, or again this week to try to cement international progress on global warming? Then we would be hearing about how he might have made a difference but he didn't care, or he didn't try hard enough.

The truth is that presidents are hostages to fortune. George W. Bush had an 84 percent approval rating at this point in his first term because it was just after the 9/11 attacks. Obama is at the same level as Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, and that should be no surprise. All three inherited bad economies.

Yikes. Come home. Stay home for a while. Copenhagen - you are 0 and 2 - Chicago and the Climate Dodge. Mr. President, You are Willy Loman.

Go to Kankakee River State Park and sort things out over the Christmas Holidays.

Stop at Maple Tree Inn in Blue Island and treat the kids and Missus to Tommy's Smoked Ribs and smothered greens. Get the deep fried Green Tomatoes and Dill Pickles.


Get some sleep. Fire some retainers. Start Anew.


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He can take up residence in the cave by the falls on Rock Creek!

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