Friday, March 06, 2009

Police Critics Condemn Use of Sentence Ending- Preposition by Officer as He Saves Life

The fire started about 4:10 a.m. in a three-story apartment building at 7845 S. East End Ave., according to Fire Media Affairs Asst. Director Eve Rodriguez.

Responding emergency units found three people trapped inside.

South Chicago District police officer Timothy Gould was responding to a call when he saw smoke coming from the building. The 18-year police veteran attempted to access the hallway through the main entrance on the side of the building, but smoke and flames were too strong.

Gould then heard somebody screaming for help in the back of the building.

“I ran around back and knocked out the back window,” Gould said. “I couldn’t reach [inside the window] because the window was about eight or nine feet high, so I got a chair. I jumped on the chair, used my flash light and started hollering, ‘Where you at?’”

In as fierce a Gathering of Worthies as when the cast of Harry Potter had lunch at the Daley Center, Some Peoples Law Office. Loevy, Loevy and Loevy Smith, Northwestern University Law Drop-outs and the Blum Center for Suing the $hit out of Chicago, the Boiled Beets Progressive of Illinois The Brighthole Coalition and 2229th Missionary Position Agnostic Church, roundly condemned Officer Timothy Gould, an 18 year veteran and close-knit ethnic Catholic for saving a South Shore black man while ending his sentences in prepositions.

SpokesTwerp G. Flint Taylor, noted for wrassling Gator Bradley for the sweepings of cash last summer, offered this,

'First Burge takes black men out on his Waterboarding Kris Craft Light Carrier and now systemic racism rears its head by disrespecting a black man with incorrect grammar. We are asking that all branches of Government give me Three Trillion dollars. This will not stand. Frivolous? I'll show you frivolous! I have the Press in my loincloth! I'll have Judge Gettleman in my corner again! You'll see! I am somebody!'

Blogger's note - Well done and God Bless you Officer Gould for your heroic and selfless act.

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