Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blago Just Might Not Get Indicted

The Daily Hearld has a full service Blago/Burris/Barack/Boondoggle File containing tapes and articles - give my post title a click and gorge yourselves on Blago mania.

Federal Prosecutor and Illinois Heartthrob Patrick 'Fitzy' Fitgerald has until April 7th to Indict former Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Blago may run-out the clock*!

I received a note from Tamara Holder with whom I have a had serious disagreement over Expungements for Criminal records - Ms. Holder is an expert and Expungement Attorney and I am C student at best.

However, I am tribal and loyal. Where expungements seem to give an edge to bad guys over Police, I shoot my flannel mouth off. That's how I roll - uphill and over broken glass.

Nevertheless, Ms. Holder is a daughter of good Rocky Colorado soil and a hard working true believer in the Constitution and more importantly gracious when confronted by my splenetic verbiage. As her labors place her in proximity to criminals and the water-bugs who garner wealth from their misdeeds - G. Flint Taylor and Jon Loevy and the like - I tossed my moral net over her labors as well. She is an entirely different species altogether than the aforementioned Lawsuit Lawyer bottom-feeders. My Mea Culpas were graciously accepted, this young lady.

Mis Holder and I agree that Rod Blagojevich may avoid jail altogether -

Here is the note from Tamara Holder:

All "feelings" about Blago aside, Pat Hickey, and what are we left with? Probably nothing but a whole lotta hot air. No, I am not defending him, let me be clear about that.

We are coming up on the EXTENDED deadline for Fitzgerald to OFFICIALLY CHARGE Blago and I'm wondering: what's the holdup?!?

Remember, Fitzgerald said the charges against Blago were so severe they would "make Lincoln roll over in his grave."

But, since that statement, no official charges have been filed and all this time has passed. I suspect the charges against Blago are going to be trumped up. When I say "trumped up" I am not defending him. But I think that the U.S. Attorney really jumped the gun and arrested Blago a bit too soon. (They should have waited for the money to exchange hands.)

What did he really do that was so illegal? He may have WANTED TO OR DESIRED TO sell the Obama Senate seat but conversations with multiple F-BOMBS about that desire are not enough to charge him with a crime. Remember "ATTEMPT" requires a SUBSTANTIAL STEP to be taken and it wasn't!

Agreed that Blago is outta control BUT is he a criminal? My bet is NO - he's a wannabe criminal at best.

We shall see...

Yes indeed, I believe that Patrick Fitzgerald - might - might mind you - have been tapped on the Federal shoulder, whispered into the prosecutorial, by an Iago attached to the newly elected White House Resident.

Soto Voce - 'Fitzy, here's a Bigg-un! Blago is selling the Senate Seat! Get him into the Green Room! Exit Stage Left! You can Idict Him Later! The Guy can not Shut-up! He's as Dumb as a City Hall manager - you know them 'Hey Loooook, it'll be oKay the Guy won't forget you! Trust Him!" See? Put a Bag over Blago Fitzy! Hope and Change!'

Here's what the G told us in December when Blagomania got launched:

“First of all, there's not an indictment, realize. It's a complaint. So I don't want people to understand it's an indictment. We filed a criminal complaint.”
Pat Fitzgerald Dec 9, 2008

“The criminal complaint is a charging document that is supported by the affidavit of a law enforcement agent that is intended to set forth and establish probable cause and that probable cause can be tested in a preliminary hearing,” Randall Samborn 2008

“Governor Blagojevich has been arrested in the middle of what we can only describe as a political corruption crime spree. We acted to stop that crime spree,” Pat Fitzgerald 2008

Putting George Ryan, who never took a nickle by any standard, away for 'Corruption' was easy - Democrats and Republicans shot their bazoos off when Fitzy twisted their ears. Blago is insulated -stupid and obnoxious, but the boy is Bullet Proof. We sall see.

That's how Ms. Holder and yours truly see things. Let's see if Fitzy pulls the big trigger in the next few days. My guess is Blago will sign a contract with WLS.

Then I gotta listen to WBBM again - damn it.!%26hl%3Den%26rlz%3D1T4GWYE_enUS275US275%26sa%3DN%26um%3D1&ei=CHTPSZa8FpjznQednYXlCQ

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