Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ignatius Loyola was A Real Man - We Are Given Simpering Fops to Admire by a Loyola Not Worthy to Bear His Name

I wrote a couple of teases set against the Politically Correct and Honesty Challenged Mary Schmich's propaganda piece in the Chicago Tribune. It seems to me that Rep. Greg Harris reached out to Ms. Schmich and offered up a Gay Loyola Law student to get a little traction for his Gay Marriage Legislation.

Mary Schmich was more than compliant. She spotted a weak Institution - Loyola. No sweat.

Our weak and craven societal norms are beaten into our lives on daily basis by the news media - TV, Radio, Print, Internet and Madison Avenue work over time to weasel Progressive Live So dictates into every aspect of our lives.

Those of us who have robust Weinie Immunity Systems developed by early inoculation of sound values and ethics from Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Muslim and even secular humanism recognize the Con Job.

Generally, we smile and Move on.

We need to remember that children come into the world because a man and a woman made love - unless of course you happen to be Melissa Etheridge's Gal Pal and Petre Dish for David Crosby's Little Fish.

A Naperville Superintendent is bringing in Billy Ayers, a Terrorist, and lying that Ayers is an important member of society. He is not - a shabby, self-absorbed little sneak who has lived way too long is not important to young people. He is a distraction as our President would say.

Same-sex marriage is not an important issue. Treating Gay people with courtesy and respect surely is though. Having sex with the same gender as oneself is no more vital to human civilization than masturbation. Both sex acts are natural and ancient and human, but both have nothing to do with family or the propagation of the species. Save the nuance.

Loyola University sounds like it has quit being any kind of a moral or ethical center, much less Catholic University, along with DePaul and Notre Dame which gave up decades ago. Understandable in secular cess-pool like Academia, where a man can call himself a Catholic, or anything else for that matter, without displaying any outwardly visible sign. A Catholic does not accept Abortion, unless one is a Democratic Mayor, Governor, Senator or MSNBC Propagandist. It is understandable that a University would no longer wish to be perceived as Catholic, as does Loyola, for sake of being Diverse and Inclusive - whatever the hell those two fatuous words mean at the moment.

That is too bad. Kids need strong Weinie Immunity Systems. If Loyola will compromise on Catholic truths, They might as well sell the property to the highest bidder - Loyola only quibbles about the cost - to paraphrase Churchill. If a Catholic Jesuit University can not stand for Catholic truth, it will fall for anything. It did. Loyola Fell. Let's see if it gets back up on its feet. St. Ignatius Loyola was only hit in the legs by a cannon ball - he got back up -no problem.

"If God causes you to suffer much, it is a sign that He has great designs for you, and that He certainly intends to make you a saint. And if you wish to become a great saint, entreat Him yourself to give you much opportunity for suffering; for there is no wood better to kindle the fire of holy love than the wood of the cross, which Christ used for His own great sacrifice of boundless charity."

"Few souls understand what God would accomplish in them if they were to abandon themselves unreservedly to Him and if they were to allow His grace to mold them accordingly."

~ Saint Ignatius of Loyola

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