Friday, March 06, 2009

Anti-Catholic Bigot Maher and Skeletor of Righty Chic - Meet the Geeks

Now, here is my idea of how to waste money during our national economic Bataan Death March - go see Coulter and Maher spit at each other at the Chicago Theatre.

Maher is a pasty, back sliding Irish, anti-Catholic bigot and Ann Coulter has all of the shrill sex appeal of riding an English Racer Ten-Speed East along Brainard Ave. across the eight miles of rocks, rats, and old railroad ties between Hegewisch and Hammond along the South Shore lines, near the old Republic Steel works. Bumpy.

Maher is the punk too frail to punch at the end of bar, who, having pissed himself, after a long afternoon of no work and caging beers, attempts to divert attention from his stained Chinos by shouting religion and politics nonsense at the top of his lungs- to no one in particular.

Bill Maher is playing for free at every bust-out bar in America. You want to see Bill Maher? Hit The Owl's Diaper, or The Captain's Scuttlebutt Hole, He's Not INN, or Take Your Bleeding Guts Out The Back Door Saloon.

Ann Coulter . . .not my particular cup of Aconite.

Here's the tag for this Sewer Rat Cage Match -

4 ticket listings are displayed in the map Help
Balcony 3 R N Up to 6 $105.00 each View Details
Main Floor 3 L Q 2 $132.00 each View Details
Main Floor 4 L CC 2 $219.00 each View Details
Pit AAA Up to 6 $286.00 each View Details

If you have that kind of dough to blow watch the Geeks Meet - Happy Days Are Here Again!

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