Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Atheist Bob Sherman - Behold His Mighty Hand! God Sends Quigley Out of Town!

Mike Quigley! No time to sit back there big fella - let's get you packed on on your way!

God is Great! No one and I mean no one saw this Anus Mirabile! God in His Majesty has cooked the ballots in the 5th Congressional District and has deigned to send The Uriah Heep of Illinois -Commissioner Mike Quigley* - to Congress. Washington D.C. gets the Terror of Tiny Town! 22% of the Vote! And Bob Sherman does not believe in God! Well, Bob, my boy take another look! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWEH!

I can not tell you how happy this makes me. Mike, if you need a hand packing and clear wrapping the boxes let me know. I'll pick up ten Boxes of Joe from Karim at Double Ds ( Dunkin Donuts) on Western. I have about six good and thick blue U-Haul blankets up in the rafters of my garage from when me and the kids moved to Morgan Park.

Sure, I know you got the 'real' election in April and all, but, really, let's start looking for a nice Hobbit Habitat for you in D.C. and get your stuff packed up and shipped.

Bob Sherman if this don't prove the Prime Mover knows the Score; then, God don't make little Green apples and it don't rain in Indianapolis in the sumer time/no such thing as Dr. Seuss Disneyland or Mother Goose . . .. . . Sorry went all O.C. Smith on you there.

This could not be better. Mike Quigley - Alpha Mike Foxtrotted off to D.C.!

John Fritchey - it is in God's hands that you remain in Springfield and work with Speaker Madigan, Kevin Joyce, Ed Maloney,Jim Durkin, Dan Cronin, Dan Burke,Jackie Collins and the always smart and honest Mary Flowers to make sure the more child-like Legislators at least appear to act like grown ups.

Sara Feigenholz - you'll always have the Purple Gang.

All of the others who ran - thanks for you public service. God Bless each and every one of you. Laying it on the line for your neighbors is what public service is all about. And then there is Mike Quigley . . .

Now, let's get Mike Quigley off to Washington, D.C. where he can really shake his money maker. Let's get Quigley out of town - Pronto!

Here, Mike, let me get the door.


Quigley, 50, grew up in Carol Stream but started his political career in Chicago, working as an aide to establishment Ald. Bernard Hansen (44th) while studying for his master’s degree in public policy from the University of Chicago.

Like Emanuel, he is media savvy, quick to offer a tip or pointed quote. But Quigley also is a wonk, known for writing policy papers on such arcane topics as tax-increment financing and government restructuring.

Throughout the campaign, Quigley pushed what he considers to be strong credentials as a reformer, someone willing to take on entrenched power. He also relentlessly trumpeted his endorsements from the editorial pages of the city’s two major newspapers.

Quigley lost a previous aldermanic bid and briefly challenged then-County Board President John Stroger before dropping out and supporting ally Forrest Claypool, who lost the 2006 Democratic primary.

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Anonymous said...

Just think of all the M*O*N*E*Y your beloved SEIU poured down the Sara Feigenholz rat hole.... complete with slick TV ads, etc. No dice, says da folks ... What a country!