Thursday, March 05, 2009

Illinois Media Ignores Catholics - The Meeks Shall Inherit the Lede - Well Smelt This!

What the Hell! Cardinal George, six other bishops from this State, the boatload of Catholic Leadership and the great folks of the Catholic Conference of Illinois go to Springfield to do Grassroots Lobbying for Seven Issues vital to Illinois Catholics and here is the coverage:

Catholic Leaders, Parishioners To Meet With Lawmakers - ‎20 hours ago‎
(Springfield) -- Francis Cardinal George is leading a group of Catholic bishops and parishioners at the Illinois Capitol today.

Our exclusive with Rep. Senger
Chicago Daily Herald - ‎18 hours ago‎
SPRINGFIELD -- Catholic leaders want Illinois taxpayers to pay an estimated $70 million more next year to subsidize private schools. ...

Ignore the Mackerel Snappers!

No News - But Wait - Sex Abuse!!!!! That Sells! Damn them Catholics!

Check this out. Catholics get ignored wholesale when lobbying for issues that matter to them, but the Media smears - SEX ABUSE ALL OVER!

Chicago archdiocese's sex-abuse tab: $15.8 million in '08
Chicago Tribune - ‎5 hours ago‎
By Margaret Ramirez | Tribune reporter The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago paid more than $15.8 million in legal settlements related to sexual abuse ...
Chicago Archdiocese pays $35.5M in abuse claims
Chicago Archdiocese paid $100M in sex abuse claims: Church report Crain's Chicago Business
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Google This! Oh, sorry I forgot. It's Lent! You can not beat newspaper clowns for Flat Out Phonies and Simpering Lickspittles. They'll break bread with you at noon and then ridicule your neighbors as racists in print before breakfast the next day, purely because they can. They'll crash a guy's St. Paddy's Parade Day Party, get legless on his booze, eat like they're going to the Chair, throw up in his drive-way and then write a Cotton Mouth Mather piece on 'drunken South Side Catholic teens' at the Parade. I witnessed some of Chicago's celebrated journalists doing just that over many years. 'Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, so.' because there is hardly any room left in their gaping maws with free eats and booze. Like the pet Chimp that the dim-wit kept, they'll gnaw on your face and forget any and all graces. What is important ( not loyalty, decency, courage - those virtues died with Ray Coffey) to Media clowns? - ego and appetite in no set order.

However where Race is Concerned they are very correct and gutless.

Rev. Sen. Meeks does not like the brand of toilet paper in Dolton schools and learns that Highland Park has Charmin - the media lights up. 'Hurtful! Shameful! Systemic Racism! Wipe Out Hate! Be Charmin' Y'all -Pass the Charmin!' Front Page- Color! Nutgraphs and Ledes all over the place!

The Race Card Trumps All. Catholics are a Rainbow Coalition - Asian, Black, Native American, South Sea Islander, Hispanic, and all of us Pale Faces of varying hues. There are alot of Catholics in Illinois -3,611,033 Catholics or 31.59 of the State Population. Now that is diversity - Jews can't say that; Muslims ain't nowhere near us; most mainline Protestant Churches not even close. Catholics are Diverse, but we love that Fish!!!!

Time To Toss some of the Fish that we don't eat on Fridays in Lent! Lets toss some smelt ( small herring like fish) caught out at Washington Park and Jackson Park Boat House (great spots) wrapped in local newspapers into the lobby of each news outlet - cause a stink. I love smelt and smelt fishing. Nick Novich caught one. He mounted it. Most netters gather in thousands, like St. Pete and his pals on Galilee. Deep fried or pan fried - they good!! Let's toss some at the Ink-slingers and get their attention to Fairness to Catholics.

That's 3,611,033 bundles of smelt,or 31.59 % of Illinois people causing a stink! The Media stinks worse - rotting fish can be explained -Wholesale injustice to 31.59% of Illinois due to Progressive Doctrine Mandates - Catholics do not Matter -can not.

Get all Activist and What Not! Let's toss some smelt!

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