Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grandson of Ayers Bombing Target Judge Murtagh Helps Boston College Toss the Louse!

My Pal John Murtagh, who was bombed by Billy Ayers and the Weather Underground, sent me this news item - the grandson of the targeted Judge Murtagh helped Boston College toss the louse Ayers from a speaking engagement.

Boston College is the last Catholic University in America! Go Eagles!

After the school's decision, Americans for Informed Democracy and the campus group College Democrats held a lecture last night to discuss the controversy. More than 50 students attended the forum, "Academic Freedom at BC."

"I thought it was really powerful how many people thought this was a real problem," said Alicia Johnson, a BC student. "[It is] a recurring theme at BC; it's not just about Bill Ayers."

BC student John Murtagh III had a more personal story.

His grandfather, John Murtagh, a New York Supreme Court judge, was presiding over the "Panther 21" trial when the Weather Underground planted three bombs at his house in New York in February 1970. Murtagh, a senior, said he wanted to inform other students of the real controversy surrounding Ayers.

"This wasn't just about the school squashing free speech. There was a lot behind the actions of Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground," Murtagh said. "There is a lot more to why it was canceled. Since I had a close, personal connection to the story, I felt I had to come here and let everyone know what the real controversy behind Bill Ayers was."

When Bill Ayers gets all of the attention he actually merits as a moron - no mention, no where no how - America will have grown up.

Great work on keeping this Louse Ayers seen for what he truly is, Family Murtagh!


Jim Bowman said...

From bad comes good. Ayers on campus leads to campus discussion of Ayers and wife and friends as issues in themselves. A. the educationist gets lost in the shuffle. Good.

Now if Ayers' ideas as educationist can also get an airing, we might get even farther. I strongly suspect he's a con man in that arena.

pathickey said...

Conmen are witty and innovative - from hearing, reading and watching Ayers, it is my judgement that he is a moron.

His wife is a horrific Medusa, but also a dim bulb. Nevertheless, next to her mate she seems like Madame Currie.

Jim Bowman said...

Hickey, you are hard to beat with colorful excoriation.

pathickey said...

Thanks Mr. Bowman!

Part of the journey for any Irish Catholic American of my generation was a total full-body and soul immersion in personal excoriation - 'Your have got to be the single most idiotic, filthy -minded, useless, lazy, purple-painted gums loud-mouth that it has been cross-bear in Farty Years of dedication to Christ and His Holy Mother, Patrick Hickey!'

Nicole Glasgow said...

Now I don't think it's okay to bomb anyone or anything. I dl think John Murtagh should also take the time to learn about the Panther 21 and the role his grandfather played in helping the government try to topple what was a black movement doing good in the community, but feared because it was working to lift blacks out of their place. No different then Martin or Marcolm, it was an assassination.