Thursday, March 26, 2009

'Chi-Rish' Not the South Side Irish Killed the Parade

Marketing idiocy and Media Drumbeats about 'rollicking, boozing 'Get Your Irish On!' Fun euthanized a community event.

There are home-grown nit-wits in the three neighborhoods comprising what is now Irish Chicago ( Beverly, Morgan Park, & Mount Greenwood) - don't get me wrong.

However, there are no where near 300,000 plus people living in these three neighborhoods.

Metra and Fern Bar Bus Deals also contributed handsomely to the demise of the South Side Irish Parade that began as a family affair - the Coakleys, the Hendrys, the Hennesey's & etc. began the tradition in the 1970's by pulling decorated wagons and carts filled with little guys and girls. Parade Chairman Mary Beth Sheehan did a wonderful job over the years trying to maintain that spirit.

The Chicago Police were wonderful! Always!

By 1979, it had become a very good sized event. It became so big that politicians elbowed one another for placement in the parade.

By the new Millennium, the South Side Irish Parade became Mardi Gras North.

One year while working at St. Cajetan's Party ( which was also ended when a drunk driver from the suburbs killed an elderly couple going home from the Party), I decided to walk home and check on the house. One of my kids had left the back door open.

I found five twenty somethings in my kitchen.

'What's happenin' Dude? Yo Irish!'

'What are you doing in here and who are you?'

'Chill. We took a bus down from Niles. We saw the door open and wanted to Pee - Better than your garage man.'

I employed a sexually-charged term of endearment and mustered enough of middle aged purple rage in eyes, brows and neck muscles to indicate a less than welcoming demeanor.

The Two males and three females departed with the customary grace and language of the Entitled Generation.

That was three years ago. It was time to call Last Call on America's Youth.

That is what killed the parade. Miller Advertising*, Media Harping on Booze and Entitled MTV suckled American Youth. No Consequences - No Celebration.

* Way to Go! You Sold Beers and helped Kill a Tradition! There are 1,397 entries for Chi-Rish on Google Led off by NBC.

Click my post title for the Par-Tay Propaganda from NBC e.g.!

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