Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scum Dog Millionaires, or Loudmouth Yuppie Victims of Their Own Personal Entitlement to Live La Vida Payaso?

Cops were an easy gambit for PI/Brutality Beef attorneys after the lard-ass with a badge beat up a tiny Polish bartender,while three Blackberry and Cell Phone armed Metrosexuals watched the brutality.

Close on the heels of that, our Jefferson Tap Billiards Champs shot their mouths off after getting bullet-proof following a big day of trading or some such half-slick tedium that now passes for honest labor. They got all Ashton Kutcher Funny with a young cop who had recently lost his Policeman Father and the Cue Chalkers got a handsome tune-up from some persons and they are pretty sure that it was the cops who put some grrrrr in their Grrr-animals.

The prosecution yesterday informed all of us citizens that the Billiard boys were unarmed, but it appears that they had pool cues in their velvet mitts - which seemed to disappear, like magical fairy dust.


This case will roll out in favor of the 'victims' in the media despite testimony like this:

The star witness against three off-duty Chicago police officers accused of attacking him and his brother at a West Loop bar said that moments after the officers interrupted their game of pool, he found himself hunched over a curb outside as blows rained down on him.

"I'm sort of crouched down by the curb with my jacket over my head," Barry Gilfand testified in the bench trial before Cook County Circuit Judge Thomas Gainer Jr. "I could just tell that I was being hit by more than one person ... if someone's holding on to your shirt and you're being hit on the opposite side of your body."

Though he couldn't see the men who were hitting him, Gilfand said the only ones near him were Sgt. Jeffrey Planey, 35, and Officer Paul Powers, 27.
( emphasis my own)

Boy this goof should argue in favor of an Illinois Tax Increase - he makes almost as much of compelling case in his favor over the tune-up he got, as Pat Quinn and Motormouth Ralph Martire.

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