Friday, March 27, 2009

Sun Times # 1. South Side Irish Hater - I Hope Every Business in Beverly, Morgan Park and Mount Greenwood Tosses This Rag!

Curious is a member of the Sun Times Staff( Financial).
Failure to rein in drunks killed more than parade That is the Sun Times' Headline on its Commentary.

Here is the opening sentence -The South Side Irish Parade is dead, but only because the adults in charge never did their job.

Bull$hit! The Sun Times makes a habit of calling everyone in these three neighborhoods racists, drunks and bigots. I have yet to see any person of color abused here in this neighborhood -terrorized, beaten, threatened, or even looked at cross-wise; I have yet to see drunks from the neighborhood reeling wildly down our streets; I have yet to encounter any member of the Aryan Nation/Hitler Youth/Klan/ or Weatherman Faction. Nevertheless, Your Rag took a very painful decision made in good faith between good people as an opportunity to pour out more hate.

The Sun Times and many of its personalities played overtime to get more idiots and weaklings to the Parade.

Several years ago at the South Side Parade while doing an article for GAR Media in New York, I personally witnessed a wildly drunken Sun Times Columnist avoid a well-deserved ass kicking from more than a few persons not delighted by his whimsy on the street outside of one the bars, due to the very careful ministrations of an off-duty CPD Detective.

Errare Est Human, Ignoscere est . . .not a chance. People make mistakes - newspapers smear. You smear the people of the Committee and hold them responsible for this mope: Sun Times News Group -

Speaking Thursday - as the commander in charge of policing 310,000 revelers at the parade detailed a nightmarishly "rough day" for his officers - 17-year-old Gonzalo Vasquez said he plans to attend whatever celebration South Side organizers have next year. "I was wasted," Vasquez said outside his home in the 14800 block of Lawndale Avenue on Thursday afternoon. "But I wasn't the only one. Everybody was drunk. You can't blame me for them canceling the parade."

Did the reporter pose Tough Questions on Gonzalo's Mom? She's an adult? Nope.

In The Same STNG edition, Bigot Kadner 'Found' a disgruntled City Worker who hates the Parade! Must have been like brain surgery that quest.

The South Side Irish Parade Committee made a tough decision and the Media Jackels jumped - Kadner of STNG, Trib's Eric Zorn and the Sun Times crew. This group of citizens, The South Side Irish Parade Committee, were they from any other race or ethnic group might just slap a Civil Rights Suit on the Sun Times. I wish they would. Actually, I would rather see members of Committee loosen a few of your collective teeth - that's just how this little Buttercup rolls.

The Committee made rules and the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune and the other media outlets maintained a steady hate-crime against the Irish American Community by Harping on Booze as the Only True Association to this Parade. Maybe a real sharky Lawsuit Lawyer cares to dig up your history of stories and articles promoting the heavy drinking.

You hate Cops and you hate this part of Chicago where Cops, Firemen, School teachers, Tradesmen, and professionals live and celebrate their heritage and respect their neighbors in so doing. Some of you are former South Side Irish - stay that way. Shake the dust off of us.

The Chicago Sun Times is thoroughly hypocritical and wildly stupid.

The only persons who know exactly why this Parade was cancelled are the people who actually made that decision.

I honor their decision. So do my neighbors. I wish that they had waited a while and not give Haters like the Sun Times any opportunity to juice some Irish directed hockers.

The Committee spent the many hours making a great Parade. I hope the Sun Times is as much a memory as the South Side Irish Parade, by the time of the Easter Parade.

I will ask every one of my neighbors to not buy this rag or any STNG Rag. Time to close the Sun Times and the whole chain of rags.

We can always bring back the South Side Parade.

Can't say the same about you morons.

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